Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and energy saving is a must for a successful and responsible business. In the context of increasing prices for energy, the activities for energy saving help to effectively manage costs. Furthermore, efficient use of energy helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which is a strategic necessity in times of global warming.

Government, as the major shareholder of RusHydro, gives energy companies the task to increase energy security and decrease energy intensity. The State programme “Energy efficiency and energy development”, which was adopted in 2014, prescribes three main aspects of efficiency increasing in the use of all types of resources:

  • energy saving and energy efficiency increasing;
  • development and modernization of electric power industry;
  • development of the use of alternative renewable sources of energy.

In 2015, the Programme for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement for the period up to 2020 was approved by PJSC RusHydro. It contains the list of primary works to increase efficiency of the use of energy and water resources, and a number of priority energy-saving solutions. In 2017, the Program was updated in accordance with the results of the examination conducted by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and due to the change in the requirements of regulatory legal acts. The updated Program was designed based on the results of energy audits, conducted in 2010-2016.

In order to enhance quality and efficiency of business activities, the Policy of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement of RAO ES of the East (RusHydro Far East subsidiary) was adopted in 2015 by PJSC RAO ES of the East. In 2016, 12 subsidiary companies of PJSC RAO ES East joined this Policy following the relevant decisions by the Boards of Directors. Consolidated Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program of RAO ES East for 2017-2021was developed and adopted (decree No.116 of 30.08.2016).

Energy saving and energy efficiency improvement activities are carried out as part of the adopted programs: investment, repair, reliability improvement and production performance programs, local energy optimization programs, electric and heat energy recovery programs, programs for installation and renovation of metering systems at company facilities and consumers, etc. In order to execute the assigned tasks, Holding implements projects in energy saving automation and introduction of the energy management system.

The Holding’s Technical Policy is aimed at improving industrial efficiency and energy resource saving, which can be achieved by installing up-to-date technologies, developing effective modes of equipment loading, and a more complete use of energy sources with a more cost-saving equipment after its reconstruction and modernisation.

The main areas of energy efficiency improvement in the Holding are:

  • conversion of the main generating facilities to gas (if possible);
  • use of up-to-date gas turbine units and CCGT units;
  • modernisation and construction of new capacities with up-to-date technologies.
Moreover, construction and expansion of power generation facilities as part of the investment programs will enable the Holding’s companies to save sufficient amount of fuel and energy resources.
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