New Technologies and Innovations in 2014

From implemented R&D and research activities, RusHydro selects only those projects that lay the foundation for the future hydro-power sector and RusHydro Group development to be practically implemented.

So, in 2014:
  • 63 applications for R&D implementation were reviewed, 22 of them (worth a total of more than RUR 980 million) were selected and approved for implementation;
  • The Project Committee for Innovations reviewed 17 projects, 5 of which were approved for implementation (worth a total of more than RUR 465 million);
  • 10 R&D contracts (worth a total of approximately RUR 382 million) were signed and results on 14 previously implemented research and development projects were obtained.

  1. Work on the research project "Optimization of JSC RusHydro’s HPPs’ operating modes taking into account climate change in the long-term in the water reservoir area" was completed;
  2. Work on the research and development project "Development of instrumentation and a technical control system for water resource assessment at HPPs” was performed;
  3. The Company continued work on the project “Optimizing the water and energy mode of the Volga-Kama HPPs Cascade to increase power generation;"
  4. The Company started work on the project "Developing design and technological solutions for additional watering of the Akhtuba River to optimize water spills from the Volzhskaya HPP and to increase electricity generation;"
  5. The Company obtained 6 patents for inventions and utility models, including:

Patent holder
Orthogonal turbine impeller
PJSC RusHydro
Development of standard equipment for low-head mini HPPs with orthogonal hydro-power units
Facility spillway
PJSC RusHydro
Efficiency evaluation of spill water aeration to increase the turnaround interval.
Method of constructing a thin-walled labyrinth spillway from pre-cast concrete units
PJSC RusHydro
Development of concrete work technology of a joint use of self-compacting concrete and building bar coupling connections for the construction of medium-head HPPs
Method of coupling a waterproofing geosynthetic material (WGSM) in a watertight diaphragm during a long construction interruption
PJSC RusHydro
Development of new designs for soil hydro-power structures using modern geo-technical materials
Method of a zigzag watertight diaphragm made of bentonitic mats (clay liners)
with intermediate seams
PJSC RusHydro
Development of new designs for soil hydro-power structures using modern geo-technical materials
Device to control the air gap of the electrical machine.
PJSC RusHydro
Development of new equipment monitoring systems and devices.