Sale of "green" electricity

RusHydro is one of the world's largest companies in the segment of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation, and it certifies its generating facilities in accordance with international renewable energy certification system I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) and has a possibility to issue I-REC certificates, which confirm the origin of RusHydro's power plants electricity from renewable sources. In addition to I-REC certificate, the sale of "green" electricity is possible through the conclusion of free direct bilateral contracts (FDBC), confirming the physical supply of electricity.

RusHydro regularly receives requests from the Russian and foreign companies having production facilities in Russia and intending to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources (RES) both by purchasing I-REC and by concluding free direct bilateral contracts. This section of the web-site can help a potential buyer of "green" electricity generated by RusHydro HPPs to understand which "green" tools are most suitable.


You need an ESG policy implementation You need renewable energy
You are an entity of wholesale electricity and capacity market You are an entity of retail electricity and capacity market I-REC Certificate
FDBC FDBC+I-REC I‑REC Purchase from guaranteeing supplier Purchase from an independent sales company RusHydro I-REC
Possible if the guarantee supplier acts as an independent energy retail company Indicate the company. We will contact it. One of the RusHydro authorized organizations
Purchase of I-REC certificates
You are already an I-REC participant You are not an I-REC participant, but you want to become one You are not an I-REC participant, and you do not want to become one
Contract and price offer Join I-REC Proposals from organizations authorized
by RusHydro:
I-REC regulations I-REC Connection Instruction I-REC Regulations


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