Strategy Committee under the Board of Directors

Members of the Committee elected by the Board of Directors on November 14, 2016:

Full Name



Pavel Sergeevych


General Director of LLC UK Polyus, member of the Board of Directors of the Company;


Igor Anatolyevich


Head of the Secretariat of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation – Russian Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy
to the Far Eastern Federal District;


Viktor Viktorovich


Minister Counsellor, Director of the Department for Corporate Management, Pricing Environment, Control and Auditing work in Fuel and Energy sector of the Minenergo of Russia;


Vasiliy Vladislavovich


Director of the Energy Department of OJSC Rosneft Oil Company;


Yevgeny Aleksandrovich


Deputy Director of the Department of State Regulation of Tariffs, Infrastructural Reform and Energy Efficiency of the Russian Economic Development Ministry;


Nikolay Radievich


Deputy Minister – the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, member of the Board of Directors of the Company;


George Ilyich


Member of the Board, First Deputy General Director of PJSC RusHydro;


Nikolay Dmitrievich


Chancellor of the Federal State Government-Funded Institution of Higher Education Moscow Economic Institute


Maksim Viktorovich


Member of the Board - Head of the Competitive Pricing Development Administration of the Association NP Market Council;


Pavel Nikolayevich


Director of the Electric Power Development Department of Minenergo oF Russia;


Sergey Vladimirovich


Senior Vice President of PJSC VTB Bank, member of the Board of Directors of the Company;


Andrey Nikolayevich


Vice President for Energy, Localization and Innovation of OJSC Rosneft Oil Company, member of the Board of Directors of PJSC RusHydro;


Nikolay Grigoryevich


Chairman of the Management Board – General Director of the Company, member of the Board of Directors of the Company.

Anatolyevich Zadvornov was elected Chairman of the committee.

The Strategy Committee was founded by the decision of the Board of Directors on 29 March 2005.

The Committee attached to the Board of Directors of PJSC RusHydro is set up pursuant to a decision of the Board of Directors of the Company and is a consulting and advisory body ensuring that the Board of Directors efficiently performs its functions related to general control over the Company's activity.

The Committee is not an executive body of the Company and cannot act on behalf of the Company; decisions adopted by the Committee are of advisory nature.

The Committee shall be responsible for:

- Preliminary review, analysis and development of recommendations (conclusions) on the following issues referred to competence of the Board of Directors of the Company:

- Determining priority areas of the Company's activity and approving long-term development programs of the Company;

- Determining the price (money value) of property and of placement and repurchase of issuance securities where provided so by the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies as well as when handling the issues as referred to in subparagraphs 7, 20 and 21 of paragraph 12.1 of the Company's Articles of Association;

- Approving the Provision on the Strategy Committee attached to the Board of Directors of the Company;

- Decision-making on participation and on termination of the Company's participation in other organisations (except for the organisations listed in subclause 16 clause 10.2, article 10 of this Articles of Association);

- Preliminarily approving transactions with shares and interests of organisations in which the Company participates, where determined so (including amounts) by the Company's Board of Directors, or in all other cases when the procedure for decision-making by the Company's Board of Directors is not defined;

- Increasing the Company's authorized capital through issuing additional shares within the scope of declared shares given the limitations provided for by the Federal Law On Joint-Stock Companies and the Articles of Association.

- Developing the criteria for implementing the Company's strategy and intermediate control results.

- Summarizing the intermediate implementation results of the Company's strategy approved by the Board of Directors.


icon  Provision on the Strategy Committee attached to the Board of Directors of JSC RusHydro