About Company

Lenhydroproject, hereinafter referred to as LHP, is one of the Russia's largest design and investigation institutes whose main task is design, investigations and construction's control of hydraulic structures, hydroelectric projects (HEPs), navigation works, and production enterprises.
According to the Central State Archives, the history of LHP starts from the «Northern Russia hydro resources investigation team» established in April 1917 with the aim of investigating and studying rivers and streams for the Railways Ministry.
For 85 years LHP has been renamed, reorganized and restructured several times. The important landmark in its history is October 1, 1959, the date of amalgamation of two related institutions, Leningrad Branch of Gidroenergoproyekt (Lengidep) and Leningrad Branch of Gidroprojekt Institute on the base of Lengidep.

In the pre-war 1941 LHP has committed to commissioning of 11 HEPs, including Volkhov (1926), Kondopoga (1928), Dnieper (1932), Lower Svir (1939), Niva-2 (1934), Lower Tuloma (1937), and others.

LHP has been the cradle of such prominent and talented figures as P. Neporozhny, DSc, the former USSR Power and Electrification Minister, F.Loginov, the former USSR Minister of Building Hydropower Stations, N.A. Filimonov and M.V. Inyushin, Heroes of Socialist Labour, S.V. Grigoriev, A.A. Morozov, R.R. Chugaev, D.S. Stchavelev, all Honoured Science and Technology Workers of the Russian Federation, Prof., DSc, and many others.

In 1993 LHP has become JSC «Lenhydroproject», an affiliation Joint Stock Company Unified Energy System of Russia.

At present time JSC «Lenhydroproject» together with three largest scientific designed organizations of RAO «UES of Russia» being under management of JSC «Engineering Centre UES».

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