Many years of LHP engineering activity have resulted in construction, reconstruction and refurbishment of 80 HEPs (62 in Russia and 18 in CIS countries) totalling 24 GW, 85 TWh. Nine HEPs of 5.2 GW capacity have been built in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

LHP has fulfilled the designs of unique and Russia's largest hydroelectric projects, namely Krasnoyarsk and Sayano-Shushensk (Enisei River, Siberia) totalling 12,4 MW and annual 43 TWh, the latter being 24.3% of the whole Russia HEP yield.

The designs have been completed and operation is in progress of the following hydro projects: Chirkey (1,000 MW), Votkinsk (1,100 MW), Zeya (1,290 MW).

The dams exceeding 100-m height have been and are being constructed: Sayano-Shushensk (242 m), Chirkey (232 m), Bureya (140 m), Kolyma (126 m), Krasnoyarsk (124 m), Zeya (115 m), Irganai (101 m).

11 locks were built on russian rivers, and unique ship elevator with inclined tracts was build on Krasnoyarsk HPS. Besides, under the LHP designs, the 361-km long Volga-White Sea Waterway has been laid incorporating 25 dams, 3 HEPs, and 7 locks. Multipurpose HEPs on Russia's rivers have accommodated 11 locks, and the Krasnoyarsk HEP the unique inclined ship lift. The town of Abakan and Minusinsk (East Siberia) have been protected against inundation. In 1990 the lock 8 was input in exploitation. Long experience of high-pressure shipping lock construction and exploitation was considered by its projection.

LHP is the author of the CIS longest, 4.3 km road tunnel driven under the Gimrin Range in Dagestan. The St.Petersburg Flood Control Scheme is being constructed. The scheme involves 25.4 km long structures. 22.2 km out of them pass through Gulf of Finland area by 2.9 m average depth.

Lenhydroproject conducts field and office treatment of engineering-geological material investigations for feasibility studies of hydro- and water management projects at different stages including all auxiliary facilities, camps, roads, bridges and borrow areas.

The field investigation activities are being conducted in many parts of the Russian Federative Republic - in Central Siberia, Far North-East, Baikal region and Far East, Kola Peninsula, Karelia, Northern Caucasus and in the centre of the European part of Russia.

Survey teams are engaged in field investigations. The teams are composed of specialized units, which are responsible for geological, hydrological, meteorological, geophysical and topographic-geodetic survey.

At dam sites in full measure the investigations of all natural features are carried out to substantiate the calculated parameters of design constructions.

The engineering geology service of OAO Lenhydroproject realizes the complex investigation of foreign hydrotechnical objects in versatile forms of cooperation.
Lenhydroproject has putted into practice geological and engineering investigations in Malaysia, Republic of Indonesia, United Republic of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of San Tome and Principe, People's Republic of Angola, Federal Republic of Nigeria and etc.

For execution of field engineering-geological and investigation works in the specialized unites are used modern equipment, machinery, apparatuses computer techniques, constructed temporary auxiliary facilities, utilized highly effective water-, motor-, and cross-country transport.

The central laboratory of Lenhydroproject is outfitted with instruments and equipment enabling to conduct comprehensive physico-mechanical tests on soils and rock. The know-how of field and office treatment of materials reduce the time for designing of hydrotechnical construction.

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