The main goal of the Company's dividend policy is to secure the strategic development of RusHydro and the growth of its shareholders’ well-being through establishing an optimal balance between dividend payments to shareholders and earnings capitalization.

On November 25, 2021, the Board of Directors of RusHydro approved an updated version of the Dividend Policy for the effective period of 6 years. The Policy establishes the base value for calculating the dividends as 50% of the net profit of the RusHydro Group for the corresponding reporting year as determined in accordance with IFRS1, as well as the minimum amount (lower threshold) of dividend payments at the level of the average amount of dividend payments for the previous three years calculated by the formula:

DIVthreshold= (DIV-3year+DIV-2year+DIV-1year)/3

RusHydro is focused on increasing the absolute amount of dividends in the long term in the interests of all shareholders, taking into account the development priorities of the Company.


Regulations on Dividend Policy


Attn. shareholders: List of documents required for tax credits on dividends

For the information of tax agents paying dividend income on the Issuer's shares (D1/D2)

Dividend history of the Company as of December 31, 2022


Reporting period for

which dividends on shares

 were paid

Total amount of declared

(accrued) dividends (RUB):

Amount of dividends declared

per share (RUB):
The amount of dividends
paid (RUB)2:

Balance of unpaid dividends (RUB)

9 month of 2005

27,889,000  0.000268289  27,889,000Payment completed
2005565,965,000  0.005441922  565,965,000Payment completed
Q1 2006 223,600,000  0.002151  223,600,000Payment completed
First six months of 2006 113,904,000  0.00106384  113,904,000Payment completed
9 month of 2006 809,000,000  0.005739439  809,000,000Payment completed
Q1 2007 1,119,000,371 0.00793872 1,119,000,371Payment completed
2010  2,496,867,415,91   0.00860091  2,483,922,593.78Payment completed
2011  2,500,000,051  0.00789317  2,482,255,452.38Payment completed
2012  3,675,573,209.73   0.00955606  3,655,693,765.92Payment completed
20135,248,249,991.750,013587515,228,643,996.64Payment completed


0.015618556,011,036,180.04Payment completed
201515,011,046,132.020.03886314,964,028,603.15Payment completed
201619,875,502,787.410.046624519,821,233,187.38Payment completed
2017 11,225,676,471.65 0.0263335 11,189,944,802.58 Payment completed
2018 15,918,514,454.210.036738815,877,045,012.00Payment completed
2019 15,673,999,366.610.0356803915,627,665,891.2946,333,475.32
2020 23,303,485,841.780.053048223,237,060,155.3966,425,686.39

No dividends were declared or paid by the Company for 2008 and 2009.

Dividends are declared and paid by the Company on ordinary shares. No preferred shares have been placed by the Company.

1 adjusted for non-monetary items
2 Dividends for the years in question were paid to all eligible persons, except for persons with regard to which RusHydro PJSC and VTB Registrar JSC (the registrar of RusHydro PJSC) do not have exact and sufficient addresses and bank details, as well as persons with regard to which dividends were partially returned to RusHydro PJSC due to the impossibility of paying dividends as a result of reasons beyond the control of the nominal holder.
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