Key IR events of 2019.

IR calendar 2020


January 30

4Q and FY 2019 operating results. Press-release, Results

February 27

4Q and FY 2019 RAS results (non-consolidated). Press-release

March 5

4Q and FY 2019 IFRS results. Conference call, Press-release, Presentation , Results

April 21

1Q 2020 operating results. Press-release, Results

April 29

1Q 2020 RAS results (non-consolidated). Press-release, Results

June 4

1Q 2020 IFRS results. Conference call, Press-release, Presentation, Results

June 23-26 Renaissance Capital conference (Moscow). Presentation

July 22

2Q and 1H 2020 operating results. Press-release, Results

July 29

2Q and 1H 2020 RAS results (non-consolidated). Press-release, Results

August 27

2Q and 1H 2020 IFRS results. Conference callPress-release, Presentation, Results

2nd half of the year Moscow Exchange forum (Moscow)
September 16ATON Utilities Day conference (Moscow). Presentation
September 29VTB Capital Investment Management conference

September 30

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders[1]

October 10

Dividend record date[2]

October 20 - 21 J.P. Morgan online conference “Asia Credit Conference – A New Dawn”

October 22

3Q and 9M 2020 operating results. Press-releaseResults

October 28

3Q and 9M 2020 RAS results (non-consolidated). Press-releaseResults

Oktober 29 – 30 VTB Capital online investment forum “Russia Calling”
October 29 – November 3 Sber CIB “Russia – The Inside Track” conference (Moscow)
November 9 – 13 Renaissance Capital “25th Anniversary EM & FM” conference (Moscow)

November 26

3Q and 9M 2020 IFRS results & conference call. Press-releasePresentation , Results

December 1 – 4 Wood’s Winter Wonderland EME online conference

[1] The Annual General Shareholders Meeting is held no earlier than two months and no later than six months after the end of the fiscal year.

[2] In accordance with the Federal law No. 208-FZ of December 26, 1995, the dividend record date may not be earlier than 10 days, and may not be later than 20 days after, the date of the resolution of the general shareholders meeting approving the payment of the dividend.

[**] Depending on epidemiological situation

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