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Agenda of the Board of Directors on October 02, 2018

PJSC RusHydro (ticker symbol: MOEX, LSE: HYDR; OTCQX: RSHYY) announces the agenda of the Board of Directors meeting to be held on October 02, 2018.

The agenda includes the following items:

  1. Approval of the interim results of the fulfillment of the Company's Business Plan for 2018 with regard to the actual results for H1 2018 (including the report on the fulfillment of the Investment Program, inter alia, the Complex Modernization Program for Generating Facilities, for H1 2018).
  2. Adjustment of the Company's Business Plan (including the Investment Program) for 2018.
  3. Adjustment of the consolidated Business Plan (including the consolidated Investment Program) of RusHydro Group for 2018, and approval of the adjusted Target Annual Key Performance Indicators of the members of the Company's Management Board for 2018.
  4. Introduction of amendments to the Methodology for the Calculation and Evaluation of the Annual KPIs of the Members of the Company's Management Board.


The information on decisions of the Board of Directors will be made available in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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