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RusHydro completes conversion of Anadyrskaya CHPP to natural gas

April 22, Chukotka, Russia. JSC Chukotnergo, a subsidiary of PJSC RusHydro (ticker symbol: MOEX, LSE: HYDR; OTCQX: RSHYY) announces completion of conversion of Anadyrskaya CHPP from coal to natural gas. The first power generation unit of the power plant has been converted to natural gas in 2018.

RusHydro and the government of Chukotka in May 2017 have signed the agreement for conversion of Anadyrskaya CHPP to natural gas. Natural gas is supplied from Zapadno-Ozerskoye reserve.

Gasification of the power plant previously using coal as the main source of fuel, allows improving its efficiency and reducing the reference fuel consumption to produce electricity and heat. The reference fuel consumption to produce one KW/h of electricity decreased from 590 to less than 400 grams. Moreover, the cost of electricity for the power plant’s own needs has decreased as well as well as the facility’s maintenance costs in general.

Conversion of the power plant to natural also benefits the environment as emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphur from burning of coal will decrease manifold.

Anadyrskaya CHPP has been commissioned in 1986 and is the largest power plant in Chukotka with installed electric and heat capacity of 50 MW and 140 GCal/h respectively. The power plant supplies heat and electricity to Anadyr, the capital of Chukotka as well as to the residential areas within the isolated Anadyr power system.

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