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A convoy of vessels carrying turbine impellers and transformers for the Boguchanskaya HPP are to leave Krasnoyarsk for the HPP construction site

At the Krasnoyarsk port of Peschanka, turbine impellers manufactured and dispatched by Power Machines Concern for the Boguchanskaya HPP were trans-shipped onto barges. Equipment shipped from St.Petersburg is expected to be delivered to the cargo berth of the hydraulic power plant now under construction by RusHydro OJSC and UC RUSAL within the first ten days of September.

The total length of the final cargo transportation phase is 750 km, including 330 km along the Yenisei River and 420 km along the Angara River. The convoy of vessels from the Yenisei River Shipping Lines will deliver three impellers for  hydraulic turbines No.5, 6 and 7, each weighing 155.6 tons, manufactured by the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, and nine transformers produced by the Zaporozhe Transformer Plant, with a total weight of  1,358 tons, to the Boguchanskaya HPP berth. The hulls of the four platform barges tugged by Angara motor vessels have been reinforced to carry such heavy-weight cargo.

The operation to deliver the impellers from St.Petersburg on board the STK-1020 river-marine vessel started July 23rd and the total route to the Krasnoyarsk port for trans-shipment of cargo onto barges across the White, Barents and Kara seas and the Yenisei River exceeded 6,500 km. A similar route was used earlier in 2008-2009 to deliver radial-axial runners for turbines No.1, 2, 3 and 4 to the Boguchanskaya HPP.

Under contracts signed in 2006-2007 between Power Machines OJSC and the HPP project construction partners RusHydro OJSC and UC RUSAL, plants of the St.Petersburg Power Machine Building Concern provide for the design, manufacture and delivery of 9 hydraulic turbines and 9 generating units with a rated capacity of 333 MW each to the Boguchanskaya HPP. To date, 7 hydraulic turbine sets and 5 hydro-generators have been manufactured for the Boguchanskaya HPP. Work is underway at Power Machines' subsidiaries to manufacture hydraulic turbine No.8 and hydro-generators No.6 and 7.

Transformer equipment for future installation at the Boguchanskaya HPP power output circuit have  also been transported along sea and river routes. The Volgo-Balt 246 motor vessel that left the port of Mariupol (Ukraine) on July 15th was seen unloading cargo at the Krasnoyarsk port of Peschanka on August 26th. During the 2010 shipping season, 3 unit power transformers, 2 auto-connected transformers and 4 station service transformers will be delivered to the BoHPP along with turbine impellers.

The Boguchanskaya HPP project was resumed in 2006 by RusHydro OJSC and UC RUSAL after signing an Agreement on the joint implementation of the project for setting up the Boguchansk Energy and Metallurgical Association (BEMA), within the Boguchanskaya HPP with an installed design capacity of 3,000 MW and an aluminum plant with an annual capacity of 600,000 tons of metal. Commissioning of the first three BoHPP generating units (the first start-up complex) is scheduled for Q4 2011.


The phased commissioning of 9 generating units at the Boguchanskaya HPP and the plant's reaching full capacity by 2013 is what underlies the Russian state investment project, Integrated Development of the Low Angara Region. The project contemplates further development of the area's natural resource potential and ensures Siberian power safety by attracting private investments. The federal budget and the Krasnoyarsk Territory's budget are funding construction of the area's social, transport and power infrastructure facilities. The Integrated Development of the Low Angara Region state-private project will be implemented from 2006 to 2015.

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