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Motor vessel carrying impellers for Boguchanskaya HPP generating units goes up the Yenisei

 The STK-1020 motor vessel carrying three generating unit runners manufactured and shipped by Power Machines Concern for Boguchanskaya HPP now under construction by RusHydro JSC and UC RUSAL in Krasnoyarsk Territory crossed a few Arctic Ocean seas, entered the Yenisei and is now sailing up the river.

At the current transportation phase the motor vessel's destination is the cargo port of Peschanka, Krasnoyarsk, where the equipment is to be transferred onto barges for further delivery to the heavy cargo berth at Boguchanskaya HPP.

The most challenging stretch of the river that the cargo will have to face during the next transportation phase is Vereshchaginsky Rapids (village of Vereshchagino, Turukhansky Area, Krasnoyarsk Territory), a shallow water area representing a real impediment to the heavily loaded vessels.

It will be remembered that each BoHPP turbine runner is 7.86 m in diameter and weighs 155.6 tons. The runners intended for Boguchanskaya HPP generating units No.5, 6 and 7 have been in transit from St.Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk Territory since July 23. The heavy cargo will be delivered to the BoHPP construction site by sea and river during summer navigation. The transport route will total about 6,500 km.

A similar method was used in 2008-2009 to deliver radial-axial runners of turbines No.1, 2, 3 and 4 to Boguchanskaya HPP. The vessel carrying the runners for turbines No.5, 6 and 7 is due to arrive at Peschanka on August 11.

Contracts for the manufacture of hydraulic power and hydraulic turbine equipment for Boguchanskaya HPP were signed in 2006-2007 between JSC Power Machines and JSC RusHydro and UC RUSAL, partners under the power plant project. The contract amount totals in excess of 6 billion rubles, with equipment deliveries to be completed in 2012. Under the contractual terms, Power Machines is to provide design, manufacture and delivery to BoHPP of 9 hydraulic turbines and 9 generating units with a rated power of 333 MW each. Specialists of St.Petersburg Power Machine-Building Company will also carry out installation supervision and start-up/commissioning of the equipment at the power plant.

To date, St.Petersburg Power Machine-Building Concern has manufactured 7 sets of hydraulic turbines and 5 hydrogenerators for Boguchanskaya HPP. Work is currently underway at Power Machines manufacturing subsidiaries to manufacture hydraulic turbine No 8 and hydrogenerators No 6 and 7.  


The Boguchanskaya HPP project was resumed in 2006 by JSC RusHydro and UC RUSAL after an Agreement had been signed on joint implementation of the project for setting up Boguchansk Energy and Metallurgical Association (BEMA) within Boguchanskaya HPP, with an installed rated capacity of 3,000 MW, and an aluminum plant to produce 600 thousand tons of metal per year.

The Boguchanskaya HPP project underlies the Integrated Development of the Lower Angara Region public investment project that contemplates further development of the natural resources potential of the area and ensures power security of the Siberian Interconnected Power System through engagement of private investment. The federal budget and Krasnoyarsk Territory's budget provide funding for construction of the Territory's social, transport and power infrastructure facilities. The Integrated Development of the Lower Angara Region public investment project will be implemented in the period from 2006 to 2015.

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