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JSC RusHydro Announced Results of Implementation by Shareholders of Preemptive Rights in Regards to 19 Billion Shares Additional Issue

JSC RusHydro (ticker symbol: HYDR; MICEX, RTS and LSE) announces today the results of the implementation by shareholders of preemptive rights in regards to 19 billion shares additional issue (state registration number 1-01-55038-Е-038D of 19.11.2009).


Shareholders entitled to preemptive rights, which had been open during the period from 04.12.2009 to 01.07.2010, have acquired, in accordance with this right, in total 7 982 104 363 shares. The placement price was 1 ruble 15 kopecks per share.


The Company placed securities in several tranches, the last of which was transferred on 06.07.2010. The timeline for getting shareholders into possession of the securities is determined by contracts between such shareholders and their respective nominal holders.


Trading in the new shares over-the-counter will be possible after registration of the report on the additional share issue (tentatively to take place in the end of October, 2010).


Trading in the new shares in the organized market will be possible after the listing of the issue (tentatively to take place in December, 2010). Alternatively, if the listing will not take place, trading in the new shares in the organized market will be possible after merging of the issues (to take place no later than 3 months after the date of state registration of the report on additional issue).


Transactions with the depositary receipts will become possible in July, 2010.



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