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Two turbine wheels were delivered to Zagorskaya PSHPP-2

Two turbine wheels of Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 were delivered to the construction site. The turbine wheel is important in the operation of the pumped-storage hydraulic power plant. This equipment transforms the water flow energy to the mechanic one in turbine operating mode and to the energy of water, pumped to the upstream PSHPP reservoir, in pump mode.


The turbine wheels, being 6.3 m in diameter and 101.9 t in weight each, were produced in Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, the branch of JSC Power Machines. Their transportation from Saint Petersburg to the construction site was effected by the special automotive transport and took 3 days. To unload the turbine wheels, the total weight of which amounted to over 200 tons, the powerful crane with the carrying capacity of 250 tons was used.


«Today we have received the turbine wheels, which are the heart of the station», — Vladimir Magruk, Managing Director of JSC Zagorskaya PSHPP-2, said. — This is one of the important events for the construction, and we are very happy about that. With putting the second phase into operation Zagoskaya PSHPP will become the largest power plant in the Moscow region", — he underlined.


Meanwhile, according to the long-term contract with JSC Zagorskaya PSHPP-2, JSC Power Machines continues the work on large order for the construction of the pumped-storage power plant. By the terms of the contract, until 2012 the power engineering company will ensure production and delivery of the remaining two turbine wheels, as well as installation supervision and commissioning and start-up of turbine equipment at the plant. The contract value is 2.8 billion rubles.


Currently, at Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 supplies of the equipment for facing in the lower level of concreting of pump-turbines (p/t) No.1 — No.4; facing of cone of suction tube of p/t No.1 — No.3; embedded parts of p/t No.1 — No.2 (stator, facing of turbine pit, volute case, embedded pipelines, basement hoop); working mechanisms of p/t No.1, No.2; distributor of p/t No.1; ancillary equipment of p/t No.1, No.2; spare parts of p/t No.1; installation tools p/t No.1- No.4; working mechanisms No.1, No.2, were completed.


As far as the automatic control system (ACS) of pump-turbines No.1 and No.2 is concerned, it is prepared for shipment from Saint Petersburg.


Also, at the present time, embedded parts of pump-turbines No.3 are being supplied. It is planned to supply the same equipment for pump-turbines No. 4 in the 4th quarter.



JSC Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 is the priority project of JSC RusHydro. Construction of Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 is being effected near the operative Zagorskaya PSHPP, the branch of JSC RusHydro.


The installed capacity of Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 is 840 MW. It is planned to put into operation the first phase of Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 (two hydraulic units with the total capacity of 420 MW) in 2012 and to complete full construction in 2014.


Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 is included into the General Scheme of Power Facilities Placement till 2030, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in June of 2010. The existence of pumped-storage power plants in the energy system significantly increases reliability of its functioning and energy supply to customers, allows to optimize loading of nuclear and large heat and power plants. Currently in the world over 500 PSHPPs are operating.


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