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Regular Meeting of RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors

On May 31, 2010, RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors held a regular meeting.




RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors approved the interested-party Addenda concluded with a Member of the Board of Directors Zubakin V.A. and a Member of the Management Board Gorbenko Yu.V.


The Addenda were concluded within the frame of the current RusHydro OJSC Option Program. Conclusion of the Addenda was caused by a need of adjusting the option contracts in accordance with the RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors’ resolution of 11.02.2010 (Minutes No.92), which introduced amendments in Principal Provisions of RusHydro OJSC Option Program.




RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors approved the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Opytno-Promyshlennaya Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoPP OJSC (OP Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoPP OJSC). The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of OP Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoPP OJSC considered the issue: On approval of the property rent contract between OP Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoPP OJSC and Geotherm OJSC, which is an interested-party transaction.


Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoPP is situated at the same geothermal field where Mutnovskaya GeoPP-1 operated by Geotherm JSC is located, these objects are a territorially inseparable, interconnected system of geothermal wells. Geotherm JSC was established for implementation of construction projects of Mutnovskiye geothermal plants and their further operation and it has а uniform infrastructure for provision of their vital functions. In view of the above-stated, Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoPP is planned to be further operated as a part of the unified power complex under the management of Geotherm JSC.




RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors assigned the representatives of RusHydro OJSC in the Board of Directors of Index of Energetics — Hydro OGK LLC to approve the trust of power companies’ shares (in so far as they relate to the rights attached to shares) owned by Index of Energetics — Hydro OGK LLC to INTER RAO UES of Russia.


The issue of the trust of the rights attached to power companies’ shares, which are in 100%-ownership of a RusHydro OJSC affiliate — Index of Energetics — Hydro OGK LLC — to INTER RAO UES of Russia, was presented for consideration of the Board of Directors in fulfillment of the RusHydro OJSC Board of Directors’ resolution of 11.05.2010 (Minutes No.97), resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on consolidation of power assets on the basis of INTER RAO UES of Russia to be followed by an introduction of the above-stated shares in the authorized capital of INTER RAO UES of Russia.



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