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JSC RUSHYDRO subsidiary Novosibirskya HPP passes the check on its readiness for the 2009 — 2010 autumn-winter period with flying colours

 The check on the readiness of JSC RusHydro Subsidiary Novosibirskaya HPP for the 2009-2010 autumn-winter period has been completed.  From 5 through 9 October, the inter-departmental commission checked on fulfilment of a number of key and additional conditions affecting the hydro-electric power station’s readiness for operating during the autumn-winter period.  The commission was headed by Alexey Nikitin, Head of the Department for Repair and Organisation and Support, Retooling and Modernisation of JSC RusHydro.  The commission included representatives of the operating regime planning service of the JSC SO UES subsidiary ODU of Siberia D.N.Petrov, of the Supervisory Department for Electric Power Stations, Grids and Installations of Consumers of the Western-Siberian Administration of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision A.I.Benedichuk, of the Power Division of the Department for Development of Industry and Enterprise for the NSO L.V.Gorobtsova, of the Reliability Division of the JSC RusHydro Technical Inspection Department A.V.Borodin, as well as heads of technical subdivisions of the Novosibirskaya HPP.


The commission checked that the Requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on industrial safety were being fulfilled and observed by the personnel of the power station, as shown by the positive appraisal issued by the commission on the performance on 8 October of a fire-training on restoration of the regime of the Novosibirskaya HPP and withdrawal of damaged equipment for repairs.


 Nor were any violations identified with respect to fulfilment of measures on the basis of the results of control exercised by state controlling and supervisory executive authorities of the Russian Federation or of the investigation of technological violations.  From 25 August through 15 September 2009, an on-site Commission of the Western Siberia Administration of Rostekhnadzor worked at the Novosibirskaya HPP to perform a scheduled comprehensive audit two weeks early because of the events at the Neporozhniy Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.  The Commission identified a number of shortcomings that the personnel of the power station remedied even before the audit was complete.  An action plan has now been drawn up for eliminating the remaining ones.  The time schedule has been agreed with the Western Siberia Administration of Rostekhnadzor. 


The divergences identified from the effective regulatory documents have no effect on the reliability of the hydro-engineering structures or the work of the hydro-electric power station in the autumn-winter period 2009 — 2010. 


During the autumn-winter period 2009 — 2010, the Novosibirskaya HPP is prepared to carry out dispatch tasks with respect to incurring working capacity in consideration of the permitted overload capacitance of the equipment, as is confirmed by the certificate issued by the JSC SO UES subsidiary ODU of Siberia on 25 September 2009. 


On the basis of the inspection, the Novosibirskaya HPP received its Material Safety Data Sheet for the autumn-winter period 2009-2010.  This is the main document confirming fulfilment of all the requisite measures to ensure reliable operation of the hydro-electric power station under winter conditions.

 The ceremonial handing over of the Material Safety Data Sheet was held in the conference hall of the Administration of JSC RusHydro Subsidiary Novosibirskaya HPP.  Chairman of the commission Alexey Nikitin thanked the members of the commission and personnel of the power station for their work, noting the positive results of its preparations for the Novosibirskaya HPP to operate under the Siberian winter conditions.


After the event, there was a round table discussion with the representatives of the Novosibirsk media.  The journalists


 Questions concerning the course of the inspection and the technical condition of the hydro-electric power station were answered by Commission Chairman Alexey Nikitin and Director of JSC RusHydro Subsidiary Novosibirskaya HPP Viktor Sershun.   


The operational readiness of the HPPs belonging to JSC RusHydro is determined for the purpose of evaluating the possibility of producing and transmitting electric power to consumers in accordance with dispatch load time schedules during the maximum electric power use period and under the low outside air temperatures during the autumn and winter.

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