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An on-site meeting of the Parliamentary Commission is held at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

A delegation of members of the Parliamentary Commission for investigating the reasons for the accident that occurred on 17 August 2009 made a working visit to the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.

The deputies inspected the shore spillway construction site and visited the dam crest and the power station’s turbine room where reconstruction work is under way.

The Commission plans to spend two days at the power station.  The Parliamentary Commission’s first working day was devoted to technical matters, while on thee second, it is planned to consider social issues and meet relatives of those who died.

At the end of the first working day, the members of the Parliamentary Commission held a working meeting and then participated in the work of the Emergency Operations Centre of the Ministry of Power of Russia.

According to Co-chairman of the Commission, State Duma Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin, the results of the work will be published two months from now.

Valentin Mezhevich, member of the Parliamentary Commission and Senior Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Council of the Federation for Natural Monopolies, expressed satisfaction with the way the restoration work is being organised and highly appraised the professional work of the specialists engaged in restoring the power station.

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