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In November, technological start-up of idle running of the sixth hydro-unit at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP is planned

In order to restore the generator insulation at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, technological start-up of idle running of the sixth hydro-unit is planned for November 2009 and of the fifth hydro-unit by the end of the year.  No electric power will be generated under this operating regime.  The control system will provide for a certain number of revolutions (142.8 rev/min) of the turbine and, at the same time, the stator winding, the rotor of the main generator and the auxiliary, electrical parts of the hydro-generator will be dried out. 

For the purpose of technological start-up of the hydro-generator, steps need to be undertaken in compliance with the time schedule for repair and restoration works: to fit out the hydro-unit with control consoles and protection, to fill the regulation system, bearing and generator bearing with oil, to restore the industrial water supply system, and to start up a water cooling system for the stator winding. 

As of today, the main clearance works have been completed, as has the initial identification of defects in the equipment of the sixth hydro-unit at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.  Work is now under way to repair the main parts and systems of the hydro-generator and the hydro-turbine and an inventory is being taken of auxiliary equipment.  At the beginning of October, a type NES-8 circuit-breaker produced by the company ABB was delivered.  The personnel of JSC Sayano-Shushenskiy Gidroremont, in conjunction with specialists from JSC Syloviye Mashiny, are carrying out the requisite inspections to assess the state of the equipment.  The equipment inspection programme is determined by the manufacturer.

In the near future, it is proposed to complete assembly of the turbine bearing and the bearing  of hydro-unit No. 6.  The requisite equipment and spare parts are being purchased and delivered.  Delivery of the first batch of panels for the ACTPS of the unit level and the feed system is anticipated.

All the work on the sixth hydro-unit is being carried out by the contractors JSC Sayano-Shushenskiy Gidroremont, JSC Turborment-VKK, JSC Elektroremont-VKK, CJSC Yenisei-SGEM, CJSC Centre-SGEM and JSC Gidroremont-VKK.

At the time of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP on 17 August 2009, hydro-unit No. 6 was in reserve.  As a result, the turbine and the generator did not suffer any substantial damage, so hydro-unit No. 6 will be the first hydro-unit to resume work. 

Hydro-unit No. 5 suffered only slight damage and was buried in the metal structures of the engine room building canopy.


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