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On the progress of restoration work at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP as of 18.00 hours on 4 September, 2009

The work create the thermal contour of the turbine room are planned to be complete by 11 November 2009. Supply of metal structures for repairing the façade and roof of the turbine room will be completed by 15 October 2009.  The metal structures are supplied by the Stalkonstruktsia company (Krasnoyarsk).


At this time over 2086 people and 64 pieces of equipment are involved, round the clock, in restoration work.


The inflow of water to the dam of the HPP is 2700 cubic metres per second, and the water is released through the spillway at a rate of 3055 cubic metres per second. The level of the headrace and the release of water through the hydro-engineering structures of the power station comply with the water release regime recommended by the Water Administration of the Angaro-Yenisei Basin, adjusted for the operating mode.  The level of the headrace is 537.88 metres (the normal level being 539 metres).  The level of the tailrace is 324.94 metres.


At the Mainskaya HPP, hydro-units 1, 2 and 3, with an aggregate capacity of 200 MW, are in operation, the headrace level being 323.78 metres and 4 of the spillway gates being opened.


Clearing of debris is continuing at the 327.00÷310.00 levels of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, works are going on to repair the remaining roof and install metal structures.  The rotor of hydro-generator 9 is being disassembled, as is hydro-generator 7, while work is going on to identify defects in equipment and restore the support column of the turbine room in the vicinity of hydro-generator 2.


Direct current cable No. 2 is under inspection in the turbine room. The 0.4 KW Н9 own needs board and 6 KW busbars 1,2,3 and 4, switch and control gear R11, one section of the board R12 have been connected.  Switch and control gear R-T21 has been put into operation. Two 35/6 KW substations with a capacity of 10 MVA and 3.125 MVA have been installed and connected up for supplying the HPP’s own power supply needs.


Water has been brought up to hydro-generator 8 at the 320.00 mark for the fire-extinguishing system for the turbine room.


The teams are allowed access to the work in accordance with the access control system and strict control is being exercised over observance of labour discipline.

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