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JSC RusHydro announces the most recent progress of restoration work at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, as of 12:00 August 27th, 2009

JSC RusHydro (ticker symbol: HYDR; LSE, MICEX and RTS) announces that more than 1,400 people are currently involved in accident and restoration work at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. The Company is currently carrying out plans to bring in personnel from RusHydro’s branches, affiliates and contractor organizations in other Russian regions to address the ongoing situation.    


Water inflow to the HPP’s dam is 2,950 cubic meters per second and water is being released through a portion of the spillway at a rate of 3,325 cubic meters per second. Nine of the spillways’ dike bays are open to the second degree and two of them are open to the first degree.  The level of the upper pool and the release of water through the hydro-engineering structures of the power station fully comply with the water release regime which was recommended by the Angaro-Yenisei Basin Water Administration, adjusted in the operating mode.  The current level of the upper pool is 537.5 meters (compared to a normal level of 539 meters).  The lower pool is currently at 324.58 meters.


The level of water in the HPP building is at the 305.80 level.  The total volume of water pumped out of the structure is 750 cubic meters per hour: one immersion pump is operating in the crater and 2 are pumping water out of the gallery of the water-dividing wall of the spillway basin drainage system.  At present, artesian pumps No. 2 and No. 4 are in reserve.


Work is under way to restore the support column in the turbine room in the vicinity of hydro-generator 2.  Work is also ongoing to clear debris at hydro-generator 9 so that support structures can be installed and that search work can continue for missing employees.  The rotor of hydro-generator 9 is being disassembled, as is hydro-generator 7.


Levels 305.75 and 306.00 are lit from the side of the upper pool, entrances into the intake aspiration tunnels of hydro-generators 1 to 10. The Company is currently inspecting direct current cable No. 2 in the turbine room.


The 0.4 KW Н17 own needs board has now been connected and full power has now been supplied to the cranes operating at the crest of the dam.


The Company has achieved the following tasks established by the Russian Power Ministry to clean up the accident: information has been prepared on how to accommodate contractors in working zones and to determine the requisite number of workers.  The Company has also established a plan to clear away debris, and an order has been issued to organize and ensure work place safety. Work is currently ongoing to clear debris at levels 327.00--310.00

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