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JSC HydroOGK joins е8

At the annual е8 summit, held at La Malbaie (Quebec, Canada) on 4 June 2008, the CEOs of ten leading energy companies of the G8 countries met to discuss the technological challenges facing the international energy sector and ways to resolve the climate change problem. It was announced at the summit that JSC HydroOGK, successor to RAO UES of Russia after its reorganization, was joining the е8.

At the е8 summit, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC HydroOGK Vasily Zubakin stated: "We will continue developing international cooperation to create an efficient and sustainable renewable energy sector."

The other participants in the meeting were AEP (USA), Duke Energy (USA), EDF (France), ENEL (Italy), Hydro-Quebec (Canada), Kansai (Japan), OPG (Canada), RWE (Germany) and TEPCO (Japan). The discussions focused on key issues of using available and new climate change mitigation technologies, and renewable energy technologies development, financing and deployment.

At the end of the summit, a statement was published containing recommendations concerning the role of the electricity sector in the efforts to mitigate the consequences of global climate change and stressing the importance of global solutions with participation by all sectors of the economy.

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