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JSC RusHydro concludes an agreement with Stock Exchange JSC RTS

On 29 April, 2008, JSC RusHydro concluded an agreement with Stock Exchange Russian Trading System on the basis of which JSC RusHydro shares are to be included on Quotation list "B".

A further announcement will be made of the date on which trading in JSC RusHydro shares on Quotation list "B" of the Stock Exchange Russian Trading System is to be launched

 In February 2008, JSC RusHydro shares underwent the procedure for admission of securities for trading by the main trade institutors on the Russian securities market MICEX and RTS. Trading was launched on 11 February, 2008.

 On 9 January, 2008 the first stage in the consolidation of JSC RusHydro was completed, resulting in absorption of 20 subsidiaries and dependent companies. The intention is to complete, by July 2008, formation of the target model of JSC RusHydro as an operating company managing affiliates set up on the basis of existing HPPs and exercising corporate governance of subsidiary companies incorporated to implement investment projects (construction of HPPs, TPPs, WPPs and GeoPPs), as well as design institutes. By this time, the Company will absorb JSC Cascade of NChHPPs, JSC Irganaiskaya HPP and JSC RusHydro State Holding and JSC RusHydro Minority Holding, set up in the final stages of the reorganisation of RAO UES of Russia.

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