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GSEP is going to undertake the theme of global innovation, raised by Rushydro under the 2015-2016 Chairmandhip of China

Representatives of the world's largest energy companies participating in the Global Sustainable Energy Partnership (GSEP) have supported the direction taken by Rushydro in 2013 within the Russia’s year at GSEP at their annual Summit in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The main vector of the partnership for the coming 12 months will be to study the possibilities for the creation of a global energy system. Earlier, during the chairmanship of Rushydro, the Partnership had elaborated the theme of transition to a new generation of power systems; the focus of the leading companies participating in the Partnership on practical measures was reflected in the Moscow communiqué. Implementation of GSEP initiatives committed in 2015 is to be headed by the State Grid Corporation of China, which will chair the Partnership until June 2016.

A year earlier, GSEP participants studied Rushydro experience in hybrid and Renewable Energy objects in isolated settlements in the Far East, where, RAO ES of the East, Rushydro's "daughter-company", is implementing a program to replace diesel generators by wind-diesel installations, thereby reducing fuel consumption and electricity tariff.

Involvement of all stakeholders in major energy projects, green economy as a whole and new challenges facing the energy sector in the XXI century came to the fore as main themes of the Summit in Rio de Janeiro, organized by Eletrobras company in the final Year of Brazil Presidency. In the opinion of Mikhail Kozlov, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board-General Director of JSC "Rushydro", who took part in the Summit, addressing the most pressing issues of energy and sustainable development should be accompanied by not only cooperation, but, most importantly, participation of the State (through the mechanisms of public-private partnership, developing regulatory frameworks, standards, etc.). The participating partners discussed the results of the work done over the year and exchanged views on further prospects of development of the GSEP. The companies will continue their support of research aimed at the development and introduction of new technologies, as well as helping to develop necessary regulation. GSEP will continue to actively search for new technical solutions in the area of energy storage systems and "smart" networks.

Global Sustainable Energy Partnership (GSEP) is an international organization founded in 1991 and bringing together the biggest electric power companies. The present composition of the GSEP includes 13 leading electricity companies in the world: American Electric Power (USA); EDF (France); Enel (Italy); Hydro-Quebec (Canada); Kansai Electric Power Company (Japan); Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Mexico), RWE (Germany); JSC "RusHydro" (Russia); TEPCO (Japan), State Grid Corporation of China (PRC), Iberdrola (Spain), Eletrobrás (Brazil) and JSC "EvroSibÈnergo" (Russia). The main goals of GSEP include developing joint policy framework for sustainable development of electric power industry, organizing large-scale debate on environment and climate change, globalization, social policies, sharing experience in the production and use of energy, development of electricity markets and renewable energy and assisting developing countries. Strategic leadership of GSEP is exercised collegially by the heads of all companies that have a chairmanship status in GSEP. Traditionally, Partnership members elect a presiding company from among their number for one year. During the period from June 2013 to June 2014 GSEP was chaired by RusHydro.

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