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RusHydro has refurbished and modernized 14 hydropower units in 2015 as a part of its comprehensive modernization program

PJSC RusHydro (ticker symbol: MOEX, LSE: HYDR; OTCQX: RSHYY) has completed in 2015 refurbishment and modernization of 14 hydropower units with combined capacity of 1,171 MW as a part of its comprehensive rehabilitation and modernization program. As a result of upgrades at Kamskaya, Saratovskaya, Zhigulevskaya, Volzhskaya and Novosibirskaya hydropower plants (HPPs) the capacity increased by 55.5 MW in total.

New turbines and generators are more efficient, have increased service life, demand lower maintenance and repair costs and are more reliable and safe.

Kamskaya HPP was the first plant to complete modernization of the hydropower equipment. Each of the plant’s 23 hydropower units had replacement of turbine runners, stator winding, air coolers, as well as wicket gear, turbine thrust bearing and working chamber. The modernization has resulted in 14% increase of the plant’s capacity (to 552 MW).

In 2015, one hydropower unit and two generators have been replaced at the Volzhskaya HPP. Three turbines had been replaced at the Zhigulyevskaya HPP. Two turbines of the Cheboksarskaya HPP have been modernizes by the manufacturer to enable regime with adjustable blades angles. Also all hydropower units of the Cheboksarskaya HPP were equipped with new excitation systems, microprocessor based electric protection systems, gas-insulated switches, new anti-accelerating systems.

Novosibirskaya and Miatlinskaya HPPs each had one turbine replaced. Three hydropower units with new turbines manufactured by Voith Hydro have been commissioned at the Saratovskaya HPP, enabling capacity increase of 13 MW.

Two large-scale contracts for equipment modernization have been signed with Power Machines during the year – providing for replacement of ten hydropower units at the Votkinskaya HPP and three units at the Rybinskaya HPP.

In 2015, modernization project of Zeyskaya HPP in the Far East was approved by the state regulator – the Federal Expert Assessment Agency (Glavgosexpertiza). The project provides for replacement of every system of the plant: by 2025 all six hydropower units of the plant should be replaced, as well as gates of spillway and working parts of the dam, transformers, relay protection systems and other electric equipment. Such systems as automated control of hydropower units and local notification systems will also be refurbished.

Along with modernization of hydropower and electrical equipment, large-scale works had also been conducted during the year, aimed at modernization of the hydro-technical facilities.

A spillway of Egorlykskaya HPP, part of Kubanskiye HPPs cascade, have been completed. The North-Ossetia branch of RusHydro began main stage of renovation of the head unit of Ezminskaya HPP, including construction of a by-pass canal. This feature will enable to dry up spillway facility of the HPP and conduct repair works on this facility without suspending operations of the plant. Similar works will be conducted at the oldest plant of RusHydro’s fleet- Gizeldonskaya HPP.

Emergency and repair gates, as well as protection grids have been replaced at the Rybinskaya and Uglichskaya HPPs. The protection grids and turbine gates are being replaced at the Volzhskaya and Votkinskaya hydropower plants.

Renovation of drainage system of the Nizhegorodskaya HPP has begun. The system will receive new metering equipment enabling automatic gathering of information on hydro-facilities conditions.

Reconstruction of concrete elements of spillway dam of the Novosibirskaya HPP on the tailrace side is completed by 73%.

The reconstruction of concrete plating in the zone of variable water level at the Saratovskaya HPP have been completed by 97%.

The plan for 2016 includes modernization of more than 10 hydropower units at the Volzhskaya, Zhigulevskaya, Sarativskaya, Cheboksarskaya and Novosibirskaya HPP.

Comprehensive modernization program of RusHydro's generation fleet for 2012-2020 with the outlook for 2025 provides for replacement of 55% of turbines, 42% of generators, 61% of transformers. This modernization will result in significant reliability, efficiency and security improvement of RusHydro generating facilities, increase in installed capacity of 779 MW as compared to the beginning of 2011. Expected growth of electricity generation will amount to 1375.6 GW.
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