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The Russian Federation’s Share in the Authorized Capital of RusHydro Has Increased to 60.37 Percent

The Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia has registered a report on the results of an additional issue of common stock of RusHydro. RusHydro issued additional common stock in favor of the Russian Federation at the final stage of its reorganization. Following the reorganization, the share of stock held by the Russian Federation (in the person of the Federal Agency for State Property Management) reached 60.37%, the share of stock held by minority shareholders made 39.63%, and the total number of placed shares amounted to 245,014,059,191.

Converted into common stock of RusHydro were common and preferred shares of the State Holding HydroOGK. The State Holding HydroOGK’s common shares were converted into 139,020,490,152 supplement shares of RusHydro and its preferred shares, into 6,437,455,237 supplement shares of RusHydro.

The conversion was carried out in pursuance of a decision of the Board of Directors of RusHydro dated March 21, 2008 (Minutes of March 24, 2008).

The conversion of shares of the Irganaiskaya HPP, the Cascade of Nizhne-Cherekskiye HPPs, the State Holding HydroOGK, and the Minority Holding HydroOGK, merged into HydroOGK, was effected as of July 1, 2008.

The shares of the State Holding HydroOGK were converted into RusHydro’s additional treasury shares and the shares of the Minority Holding HydroOGK, the Irganaiskaya HPP and the Cascade of Nizhne-Cherekskiye HPPs, into RusHydro’s treasury shares. RusHydro’s treasury shares that remained at RusHydro’s disposal following the conversion were cancelled.

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