Share capital

PJSC “RusHydro” equity capital structure as of 31.03.2018*
 (including information on shareholders owning more than 5% of Authorized capital of the Company)

Total number of the Company’s shareholders – 348,532**.

Total number of voting shares with breakdown by categories (types) of shares: 426,288,813,551 registered shares. The Company has not distributed preferred shares.

Total number of shares, traded outside the Russian Federation in the form of ADRs and GDRs: 18,467,626,900 ordinary shares, representing 4.33% of the Authorized capital of the Company.

Total number of ordinary shares at the disposal of the Company: 0

Total number of shares at the disposal of the entities controlled by the Company: 3,852,260,628 ordinary shares, representing 0.9% of the Authorized capital of the Company.

* Based on the notification received by the Company on 03.05.2018, LLC “Avitrans’s” share in the Authorized capital of the Company is 6% as of 16.04.2018.   

** Total number of shareholders registered in the Company’s shareholder register including the clients of nominee holders based on the data provided by the Company's Registrar - Registrar of VTB Bank (public joint-stock company) as of 31.03.2018.

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