Additional share issue 2009-2010 (19 bln shares)

icon Information on the commencement of securities placement, 12 December 2009

icon Information for the commencement date for the placement of securities, 04 December 2009


Information on the offering price (the procedure of determining the offering price) of securities placement, 30 November 2009


icon Information on the state registration of the issue (additional issue) of securities and the procedure of providing access to information in the securities prospectus, 20 November 2009


Information on the state registration of the report on the results of the issue of securities, 25 September 2009  


RusHydro has completed placement of additional share issue


Statement on the Results of the Pre-Emption Right, 9 July 2009


Statement on the disclosure of the list of affiliates in the Internet, 1 July 2009



Information on the commencement  of the placement of securities, 2 June 2009 

icon Stages of the securities issue procedure - Information on the results of the exercise of the pre-emptive right, 26 January 2009 

icon Resolution on the additional issue of securities, 19 November 2009            


icon    Securities Prospectus 19 November 2009

icon   Resolution on the additional issue of securities, 1 October 2010  



30 September 2010

Changes in PDMR holdings


18 february 2011

The Invitation for Making Offers on Acquisition of Additional Issue of Shares of Joint-Stock Company "Federal Hydrogeneration Company"

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