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Construction of the Yegorlykskaya HPP-2 continues

The Cascade of Kubanskiye HPPs, a branch of JSC RusHydro, continues implementation of the Yegorlykskaya HPP-2 construction project.

The Yegorlykskaya HPP-2 is being built near the settlement of Levoyegorlyksky, Izobilnensky District, close to the Yegorlyk reservoir, which has a capacity of 2.5 million cubic meters. Four hydroelectric units with a total capacity of 14.2 MW are expected to be installed at the hydropower plant. The Yegorlykskaya HPP-2 will be able to generate about 55 million kWh of electricity annually, depending on the water flow during a particular year.

In 2009, a total of 347.3 million rubles was channeled into financing the construction project. In 2008, about 120 million rubles of investment were spent on the project.

"In accordance with the earlier-concluded contracts, construction and assembly work is ongoing this year at the hydropower plant's building and the pressure pipeline. The insert parts of hydroturbines have been assembled. Four hydrogenerators have been manufactured. Two sets of hydroturbines have been delivered. In December, foundation parts of the third hydroturbine were shipped from the factory", said Viktor Macheyev, director of the Cascade of Kubanskiye HPPs.

Currently, the results of the tender for the assembly of hydroelectric units are being summed up.

In 2010, it is planned to complete the construction of the hydropower plant's building, the outlet channel, the intake chamber and the overfall dam. Also, basic hydropower, crane and hydromechanical equipment will be assembled, and the 110 KV outdoor switchgear and the 110 KV high-voltage line will be built.

Under the draft JSC RusHydro investment program for 2010, the project's financing will amount to 596 million rubles. Total investment in the project will exceed 1 billion rubles and the term of the facility's launch into operation will depend on the level of financing.

The Yegorlykskaya HPP-2 will not only make a considerable contribution to the company's energy potential but will also play an important role in improving the environmental situation in the basin of the Yegorlyk River. Its overfall dam will reduce the water flow velocity and help clean the river channel, reduce the washing of the river banks and the carryover of soil into the Novotroitsk reservoir, which is a source of water supply to the five adjacent areas of Stavropol Territory and a coolant for the Stravropol thermal power plant. Currently, considerable funds are being spent from the Stavropol Territory budget on the cleaning of the Novotroitsk reservoir from silt.

Viktor Macheyev said that the Yegorlykskaya HPP-2 had long been an unfinished construction project. The situation improved in 2005 when the Cascade of Kubanskiye HPPs was integrated into RusHydro.

Potential hydropower resources of the Kuban River basin are estimated at 17.4 billion kWh a year. Today, the main task of energy operators is to ensure their efficient use.

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