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Volzhskaya HPP puts an upgraded hydroelectric unit into operation

Hydroelectric unit No. 3, with its capacity increased from 115 to 125.5 MW, was launched into operation after rehabilitation at JSC RusHydro's branch Volzhskaya HPP.

This is the third fundamentally new turbine. It differs from the turbines originally installed at the hydropower plant in terms of both design features and assembly. It has a service life of 40 years.

"A structurally new type of the rotor wheel has been installed on hydroelectric unit No. 3, as well as a modern control system complying with international standards. Modern seals of rotor wheel blades exclude the leak of turbine oil into the Volga River, giving the grounds to consider the new turbine to be environment friendly", Sergei Talagayev, chief engineer of the Volzhskaya HPP said.

Rehabilitation of the third hydroelectric unit started in mid-2008. The cost of equipment and construction and assembly work totaled 1.4 billion rubles. Turbine replacement payments are made by installments under a lease scheme. The following organizations were involved in unit rehabilitation efforts: JSC Power Machines (St. Petersburg), CJSC Spetsenergomontazh (town of Volzhsky), JSC Gidroremont (town of Volzhsky).

Today, eight out of the HPP's 22 hydroturbines with the expired lifespan have been replaced. The remaining turbines are to be rehabilitated by 2020 under the long-term HPP equipment upgrading program.

Overall, JSC RusHydro's branch Volzhskaya HPP spent over 600 million rubles on equipment upgrading and rehabilitation in 2009. The list of basic works included complete rehabilitation of two turbines, rotor wheels modernization for two hydroelectric units, replacement of three generator air circuit breakers with SF6 circuit breakers, complete replacement of thyristor excitation systems at 22 hydrogenerators, complete rehabilitation of 26 edges of the overfall dam, initial rehabilitation of the central oil lubrication system, rehabilitation of unit transformers with the installation of an explosion/fire protection system (mounted on six transformers), replacement of the spillway's emergency and repair gates and trash racks.

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