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Upgraded hydroelectric unit put into operation at the Kamskaya HPP

Rehabilitation of hydroelectric unit No. 23 has been completed at the Kamskaya HPP to increase its installed capacity by 3 MW. The unit rehabilitation program started in 1997, and hydroturbine No. 23 became the 15th turbine that had been rehabilitated. Overall, the HPP has 23 vertical-axis Kaplan turbines with the rotor wheel diameter of 5 meters.

The rotor wheel, the guiding device and other parts of unit No. 23 were manufactured by JSC Tyazhmash. Originally, the turbines for the Kamskaya HPP were produced by the Syzran hydroturbine manufacturing plant, which was eventually integrated into JSC Tyazhmash. Now, after about 50 years, the producer has resumed equipment deliveries to the Kamskaya HPP.

In the course of rehabilitation, the unit's turbine and generator were improved. A new rotor wheel was installed on the upgraded turbine, considerably reducing the risk of turbine oil leak from the regulator system into the Kama River. This made the hydroelectric unit more environment friendly and considerably improved its reliability and performance.

During assembly work, HPP personnel closely monitor the quality of main parts of hydroelectric units. If breaches of the requirements for repaired equipment are detected, the faulty parts are mandatorily replaced, as was the case with the upper flange plate of the turbine cover in unit No. 23.

"Hydroelectric unit No. 23 manufactured by JSC Tyazhmash for the Kamskaya HPP has become a sort of a flagship", says Vladimir Buss, deputy director of JSC RusHydro's branch Kamskaya HPP. "Currently, JSC Tyazhmash is fulfilling the orders for the manufacture of equipment for hydroelectric unit No. 17 and preparations have been launched for the manufacture of another three units. Mindful of the need to keep domestic companies operating, the managers and specialists of the Kamskaya HPP maintain a constructive dialogue with equipment manufacturers and hope that the experience accumulated in the process of rehabilitation of hydroelectric unit No. 23 will contribute to the parties' mutual understanding".

Currently, integrated live tests are being held to check output performance of equipment, following which documents will be prepared for equipment remarking. The upgraded hydroelectric unit will have a capacity of 24 Mw while the HPP's installed capacity will amount to 522 MW.

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