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The Zhigulevskaya HPP confirms its environmental safety

The Zhigulevskaya HPP has undergone its first environmental management system inspection audit.  JSC RusHydro Subsidiary  - Zhigulevskaya HPP received a certificate of compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 international standard in 2008, being one of the first in the Company and the very first in the town of Zhigulevsk to do so.  The comprehensive inspection confirmed compliance by the subsidiary's Environmental Management System with the requirements of the ISO 14001 international standards.    

Performance of regular inspection audits is the generally accepted practice for confirming the reliability and productivity of an introduced environmental management system and a guarantee of its continuous development and improvement.  Over a period of four days, the auditor from ZAO SZhS Vostok Limited, Olga Moroz, analysed the documentation of the Environmental Management System,  talked with subdivision heads and operational personnel and observed the work process on site.  

According to Chief Auditor Olga Moroz "It is very important that the environmental management system at the power plant not only works, but is actively developing.  The managers and personnel of all the subdivisions audited demonstrate a sound knowledge of the Company's Environmental Policy.  The work of the compliance department of the Zhigulevskaya HPP is of a surprisingly high standard, even though the specialists performing the internal audits are not professionals in the sphere of environmental protection".  

Olga Moroz noted 13 positive aspects of the work carried out at the power plant in the sphere of environmental safety.  These include the staff's high level of qualifications and involvement in the Environmental Management System, the operational control system, the electronic defects log delivered in the Maxima program, allowing any shortcomings to be put right quickly and efficiently, and the well-organised system for remote training of staff.  All the staff of the power plant undergo regular training in the environmental management system.  The next sessions are planned for the 4th quarter of 2009.  

During the inspection, JSC RusHydro Subsidiary - Zhigulevskaya HPP was provided with recommendations for further improving the environmental management system.

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