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Toyota Motors becomes acquainted with the "Lean Energy" of Saratovskaya HPP

Saratovskaya HPP was visited by a delegation of representatives from Toyota Motors and subdivisions of JSC Concern Energoatom.   

The Japanese specialists from the design department of the main output of Toyota Motors arrived at the на Balakavskaya NPP for an exchange of experience on the Kaizen system for optimising internal production costs.  

Since 2008, one of the spheres of Kaizen-LEAN -- Lean Energy has been introduced at the Saratovskaya HPP, so the hydro-power personnel's experience was of interest to the foreign guests.  Accompanied by experts from Atomenergoremont and Atomtrudresursy, they visited the museum and machine room of the power plant, familiarised themselves with work with the equipment, and found out about the specifics of implements the Lean Production programmes in the power sector.

Lean Production or Lean arose historically as a Toyota Production System - TPS, and was formed as a result of about 20-years of seeking the answer to a very simple question: how to provide the consumer with output of maximally high quality at a minimum price and as quickly as possible.

Application of the Lean instruments and methods as the Saratovskaya HPP has been focused on improvements in the sphere of maintenance and repairs of the basic equipment.  Seven pilot projects have been implemented on different scales and of varying complexity.  The greatest economic results were obtained from the project to improve maintenance of VVG-20 generator circuit-breakers.  Improvements were attained by combining maintenance of equipment units with other work on the hydro-units, optimising work under agreements on maintenance and repairs of the basic equipment, as well as creating a comprehensive servicing system.

The company's management Board has already decided to roll out the experience of the Saratovskaya HPP to other branches of JSC RusHydro. 

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