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Kamskaya HPP: 55 years in construction

It is 55 years on 18 September 1954 since the first hydro-unit of the Kamskaya HPP produced electricity.  The main construction work was completed in 1956 and, by May 1956, the first billionth kilowatt-hour or electricity was generated at the Kamskaya HPP.    

The Kamskaya HPP, located in the area of the city of Perm, was historically the first stage in the Kamskiy Cascade and initiated construction of the next stage - the Votkinskaya HPP.  During creation of the Kamskaya HPP, what were then advanced technologies in the sphere of design and construction of hydro-power plants were tested for subsequent extensive use in the construction of hydro-structures.  

Today, the Kamskaya HPP, as a subsidiary of JSC RusHydro, occupies a worthy place among the region's industrial enterprises.  The plant's installed capacity is - 519 MW.  Every year, its 23 hydro-units generate more than 1.8 billion kWh of electric power.  During the first six months of 2009 alone, JSC RusHydro Subsidiary - Kamskaya HPP remitted taxes to a total sum of 57.7 million roubles to budgets of all levels and extra-budgetary funds. Now that the population is facing serious employment difficulties, the Kamskaya HPP is another enterprises providing jobs for the people of Prikamiye.  The power plant itself has 150 employees and about 1000 people work in contractor organisations servicing the HPP.     

The Kamskiy hydro-complex is a comprehensive facility.  By regulating the flows of an enormous quantity of river water, it not only produces electric power, but also takes into account the interests of water transport, agriculture and fisheries.    

The Kamskaya HPP, which is one of the many hydro-power plants in Russia belonging to the company RusHydro, has been actively developing in recent years.  RusHydro contributes over 500 million roubles a year to the technical refitting and renovation of the Kamskaya HPP.  In addition, about 140 million roubles are spent on overhauling and maintaining equipment and on R&D.  In 2009, almost 790 million roubles were allocated for modernisation and overhaul of equipment. Within the scope of implementation of the technical refitting and renovation programme for the Kamskaya HPP, work is under way to replace hydro-turbine No. 23, with an increase of its installed capacity to 3 MW.  It is planned to start up the facility at the end of September.  Hydro-turbine No. 23 will be the fifteenth completed renovated since 1997.  

Particular attention is focused at the power plant on aspects of environmental protection.  An active stage in introducing an environmental management system for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of compliance with the ISO 14001 international standard for the Kamskaya HPP was launched in the spring of 2009.  And this envisages not only technical measures.  There is to be a sort of "re-evaluation" of priorities in the approach to environmental problems not only by managers but also ordinary hydropower personnel.  During the current year, it is planned to allocated more than 200 million roubles for financing measures falling within the scope of the company's already adopted environmental policy (for comparison, the 2008 figure was 130 million roubles).  Installation of "environmentally clean" equipment will account for most of the costs.     

Safety of operation, safety of personnel, energy security of industrial enterprises and the environmental safety of the region constitute the main components of all the efforts made by the personnel and managers of the power plant.   

In 2009, the plant celebrates the 55th anniversary of start-up of the first hydro-unit.  It has a worthy history of achievements and victories and a future of development fruitful work prospects.   

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