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The 547-metre mark is reached at the Irganaiskaya HPP

On 16 September this year, the operating team of the Irganaiskaya HPP recorded that the reservoir of the hydro-power plant had reached its maximum design level of 547 metres.  This year, which the specialists call a low-water year, in connection with the low level of the spring flood in the River Avarskoye Koisu, the power plant's engineering and technical personnel had to apply tremendous efforts to fulfil the water economy plan for collecting water into the Urganaiskiy reservoir and be fully prepared meet to the difficult autumn and winter period.  

Today, the Irganaiskaya HPP is one of the biggest hydro-power plants in the South of Russia.  In output terms, it comes second only to the biggest power plant in the southern part of the country -- the Chierkeiskaya HPP.  In June 2008, a new subsidiary of JSC RusHydro was opened on the basis of the Irganaiskaya HPP - Irganaiskaya HPP.  The Irganaiskaya HPP now produces an average of about one billion kWh and supplies it to the energy grid in the South of Russia.  This is roughly a quarter of the total volume of electric power generated in the Republic of Dagestan.  

Now that the level of the Irganaiskiy reservoir reaches 547 m., both of the operating units of the hydro-power plant can be fully loaded to their design capacity of 400 MW.  

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