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Public hearings have been held of the preliminary materials for the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Severnaya TPP

The Administration of the Teriberka Municipality, Kolskiy District, Murmansk Region, and JSC Malaya Mezenskaya TPP held, on 26 August 2009 in the village of Teriberka, public hearings on the preliminary version of the materials for environmental impact assessment of the Severnaya TPP.

The head of the Administration of Teriberka V.V.Yaranstev, expert from the Barents Sea Division of the World Wildlife Fund S.N.Zhavoronkin, Senior Deputy Director of MMBI KNTs RAN P.R.Makarevich, deputy head of the laboratory for coastal fisheries of FGUP PINRO A.M.Sennikov, representatives of scientific and public environmental organisations of the Murmansk Region and residents of the village of Teriberka all took part in the public discussions of the results of scientific research work into the impact of the future tidal power plant.

Representatives of JSC NIIES, the general designer of the Severnaya TPP, gave reports and fully, professional answers to all the questions received.

"Teriberka needs the Severnaya TPP - the future of our village and its development lie here", is how Valeriy Yaranstev, Head of the local Administration, summed up the results of the public hearings.  He was supported by the Director of OOO Teriberskoye ZhKKh, Maxim Kirilenko.  "I believe that we should agree to this project; it provides a lot of social pluses for the inhabitants of the village", he said concerning the results of the hearings.

The procedure for public discussions of the preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment materials for the Severnaya TPP was launched on 24 July 2009.  For a period of 30 calendar days, the preliminary materials were available for reading at public reception offices in the village of Teriberka and JSC Malaya Mezenskaya TPP.  All those who wished, could familiarise themselves with these materials, enter comments and suggestions in the journals for recording public opinion.  reasoned answers will be prepared to all the questions and, on the basis of analysis of the comments and suggestions, adjustments will be made to the preliminary materials and a final version drawn up of the "Environmental Impact Assessment of the prototype Severnaya TPP on Dolgaya Bay of the Barents Sea in the Murmansk Region".

The results of the public hearings will be taken into consideration in the final version of the Environmental Impact Assessment.  All the public hearing materials, including the journals for recording public opinion, will be included in the set of documentation submitted for State Expert Examination.

Implementation of the project for the prototype Severnaya TPP on Dolgaya Bay will make it possible to test, under actual conditions, the latest Russian hydro-turbine equipment, to develop technologies for raising hydro-engineering structures on the northern seas and, the main thing, provide the local population with environmentally clean energy generated using a renewable energy source -- tidal energy.

The installed capacity of the Severnaya TPP is 12 MW and its average annual output of electric power - 23.8 million kWh.

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