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Upgraded hydroelectric unit No. 15 put into operation at the Saratovskaya HPP

On the eve of the May Day holiday an important event was celebrated at JSC RusHydro's branch Saratovskaya HPP: upgraded hydroelectric unit No. 15 was launched into operation.

The unit had been under scheduled rehabilitation since July 1, 2008 and 10 months later, it was connected to the power grid.

"The unit's turbine and generator have been improved", says Andrei Yurin, chief engineer at the Saratovskaya HPP. The turbine's main parts have been upgraded in factory conditions by JSC Tyazhmash in Syzran. The research and production association JSC Elsib (Novosibirsk) modernized the hydrogenerator, replacing the active iron of the stator and its winding, the insulation of rotor pole coils, and the load-carrying parts of the step bearing. Within the hydropower plant, the assembly work general contractor, Montazhenergo LLC, carried out work to increase the rotor's rigidity. The hydroelectric unit's modernization has made it possible to considerably improve its reliability and performance properties. 

A modern production control system (PCS) manufactured by St. Petersburg's Emerson LLC, the official distributor of Emerson Process Management (USA), has also been installed at upgraded unit No. 15. The system improves the control of the operation modes of hydroelectric units and provides for an additional detailed analysis of the condition of the turbine and generator. Moreover that, the new generator will make it possible to increase the unit's capacity by 10 % (from 60 to 66 MW) after a new turbine is installed on it. The total cost of unit rehabilitation is 183.7 million rubles (VAT included). 

The launch of unit No. 15 into operation is a remarkable event for Saratov hydropower producers: by now, already 14 out of 22 vertical hydroelectric units have been modernized. The official launch ceremony was held in accordance with the best traditions of May Day celebrations: a red ribbon was cut, commendation letters were handed over to distinguished employees, and festive speeches delivered.

There are 24 hydroelectric units at the Saratovskaya HPP with total installed capacity of 1,360 MW. Currently, 22 units are in operation and generate electricity. Two horizontal capsule units have been under scheduled rehabilitation since 2005 and will be commissioned in 2011—2012.

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