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Internal audit held at the Zagorskaya PSPP

An internal audit of the environmental management system (EMS) was held at JSC RusHydro's branch Zagorskaya PSPP within the framework of verification of compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 international standard (clause 4.5.5) and in accordance with the schedule of the company's internal audits.

The audit was conducted at the company's main divisions having relation to the most significant environmental aspects.

The audit's principal goal was to ensure EMS compliance with RusHydro environmental policy, the requirements of EMS paperwork, and the efficiency of EMS operation and maintenance at the company.

Last November Zagorskaya PSPP employees underwent a course of training into EMS internal audit. This educational measure was carried out at the company with the aim of broadening employee knowledge about processes involved in EMS deployment at the company and also for the purpose of bringing corporate processes and paperwork into line with JSC RusHydro's environmental policy and the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 international standard.

The next planned internal audit will be held at the Zagorskaya PSPP in October 2009.

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