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The tasks for 2009 in construction of the Bureiskaya HPP are determined

The command group for construction of the Bureiskaya HPP, which meets once a quarter, was chaired by the Managing Director and Head of the Far East Division of JSC RusHydro, Yuri Gorbenko.  The meeting summed up the results for 2008 and outlined the tasks for 2009 in construction of the Bureiskaya HPP.

The meeting participants stated that, in spite of the crisis that struck the economy at the end of last year, investment funds had been released by RusHydro in full: 5.7 billion roubles were spent on construction of the Bureiskaya HPP and fully payment made to the general contractor.  All the tasks involved in construction of the power plant in 2008 were fulfilled: the first and second hydro-units were started up in operating mode (under full pressure), the installed capacity of the plant rose by 300 MW, and the surface spillway was tested.

"RusHydro has highly appraised the work of both the customer and the contractor in construction of the Bureiskaya HPP", Gorbenko noted.

In 2009, construction of the power plant is advancing confidently: the Bureiskaya HPP has been recognised as a priority RusHydro investment programme.  This year, 6.5 billion roubles are to be spent on fulfilling the following programme: start-up of the third hydro-unit in operating mode, completion of surface spillway testing, accompanied by adoption of technical solutions for development of the spillway channel, and fulfilment of the entire complex of work on the tail race.  A complex of work is also be performed to develop the dam crest and area round the plant and launch construction of the transformer building in the hollow of the dam.  An important part of the construction plan consists in completing cementing of the dam seams so that, during 2009, all concrete works at the Bureiskaya HPP will be finished and the concrete plants disassembled.  At the same time, the task has been set or reclaiming the land used during construction -- quarries and tailing ponds.

The hydro-engineers also fulfil social construction projects: in October, a public amenities centre was commissioned in the village where the operators live.  Construction work is going on to build socially significant facilities in the Amursk Region: in 2009, it is planned to spend 250 million roubles for these purposes.

In 2009,  the Bureiskoye reservoir will reach its planned level.  The command indicated the need to approach the Ministry for natural resources once more concerning the creation of a service for guarding and use of the reservoir.

The environmental component will also remain under control:  IVEP DVO RAN is completing the work of stage 1 of socio-economic monitoring of the impact zone of the Bureiskiy hydro-complex (the construction period) and is developing a work programme for stage II of the monitoring (the period of design operation of the hydro-complex).

It is intended to deliver the Bureiskiy hydro-complex to the Central Acceptance Commission in 2011 .

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