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RANS Forum Held at Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Power Plant

A forum of the regional division - "Problems of Introducing State-of-the-Art Technologies" - of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) was held at the RusHydro branch JSC Zagorskaya PSPP. Problems with advancing the construction of pumped storage power plants in Russia were discussed during the session.

There are more than 500 PSPPs in the world today. The Zagorskaya PSPP is the only large pumped storage power plant in Russia. According to expert forecasts, there is a more than 5 million KWh shortage of high-manoeuvrability wattage in Moscow Region alone. This problem could be solved by implementing the construction program for pumped storage power plants. As part of this program, RusHydro launched an initiative for the construction of Zagorskaya-2 PSPP, with 840 MW of capacity, in 2006. Construction work on the plant is now under way.

According to Lev Skvortsov, Director of the regional division "Problems of Introducing State-of-the-Art Technologies," the visit by members of the Academy to the Zagorskaya PSPP will help actualize the problems of building pumped storage power plants in Russia, and thus play a part in the active development of the country's economic and social spheres.

New members were inducted into RANS during the forum. Vladimir Magruk, Director of JSC Zagorskaya PSPP, and Vladimir Chernenko, head of the branch's Hydrotechnical Department, received their membership cards and lapel pins. The academy members' lapel pins feature a gilded bas-relief of the prominent scholar and natural scientist Academician V.I. Vernadsky.

RANS is an innovative nationwide scientific organization that brings together scientists of all kinds: natural scientists, social scientists, and the creators of science-intensive technologies. The Academy's mission is the advancement of science, education, and culture - vital factors of Russia's sustainable development - and to promote, using all possible means, humanistic and intellectual ideals in society, help in the development of Russia's indigenous ethnic cultures, and so on.

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