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Prospects for the Development of Amur Region Connected with the Zeiskaya Hydropower Plant

On 18 and 19 February 2009, upon invitation from the local division of the nationwide political party United Russia's Amur regional office, ministers of the Amur Region government went to work in the city of Zeya: Sergei Stepanov, Minister of Education; Nina Sannikova, Minister of Social Security; and Marina Dedyushko, Minister for the Economic Development of Industry and Transport. The members of the regional government visited different enterprises and organizations of the city and region, the Zeiskaya Hydropower Plant, and the plant's steam generating unit.

With the participation of candidates running for local government bodies, a round-table discussion was held in the Zeya city administration on the results of working meetings. Those taking part in the round-table discussion noted that meetings with work teams and city residents were constructive and elicited a favourable reaction from residents, along with interest in the city's further development. The ministers stated publicly that the Zeiskaya Hydropower Plant's role in the development of the economy and social services was substantial, and that the prospects for the development of Amur Region are also connected with the development of the energy industry.

On behalf of the city's teachers and residents, the round-table participants thanked the Zeiskaya Hydropower Plant for the help and support offered in its charity work.

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