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Cascade of Kubanskiye HPPs: PSPP Hydroelectric Unit Goes Back On Line

JSC RusHydro branch Cascade of Kubanskiye HPPs continues to take measures to implement its program for technological upgrading and rehabilitation. Following a scheduled overhaul of the PSPP, its Hydroelectric Unit No. 2, with a capacity of 2.65 MW, was put back into operation. The work done allowed the reliability and operational characteristics of the turbine, hydrogenerator, and auxiliary equipment to be improved. Scheduled maintenance of the cascade's hydroelectric units is done every five years, with the aim of improving the equipment's reliability.

Hydroelectric Unit No. 2 was stopped for maintenance on 14 January 2009. During the maintenance period, the following work was done: the turbine was completely dismantled; repairs were made to the rotor wheel, the turbine bearings, the generator, the generator bearings, and other subassemblies; and any defects discovered were corrected. Work at the PSPP was done by contractor JSC Turboremont-VKK, based in the city of Balakovo.

"The timely completion of maintenance to our main machinery allows us to continue its operation and extend our hydroelectric units' individual service lives in accordance with the Rules for Technical Maintenance, the Rules for Electrical Equipment Installation, and the technical policy of JSC RusHydro. A great deal of the credit for organizing and performing the maintenance belongs to the engineering and technical personnel of the hydropower plant's main divisions - the Production and Technical Department, and the Electrotechnical Laboratory - and the HPP Group staff," said branch director Viktor Macheyev.

According to the maintenance schedule for Cascade of Kubanskiye HPPs, 2009 will see routine overhauls of five hydroelectric units; load-bearing and communications cable lines; the mechanical components of handling equipment; and pneumatic switches, transformers, valves, and lattices. Repairs will also be made to the RusHydro affilate's buildings and hydroengineering facilities.

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