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Novosibirskaya HPP visited by a delegation of foreign investors

In mid-July, the Troika-Dialog investment bank organized a trip round Russia for 15 major institutional funds of Europe and America. The purpose of the trip was to get to know the specifics of the economy and business in particular Russian regions. Within the scope of the trip, a visit to Novosibirsk was envisaged. The program for the visit to Novosibirsk by the foreign guests included visiting one of the city’s well-known industrial facilities — the Novosibirskaya HPP, which has been an affiliate of JSC RusHydro since 1 January 2007. Many delegation members are current or potential shareholders in JSC RusHydro (until 4 July 2008, known as JSC HydroOGK).

The tour was led by Novosibirskaya HPP Director, Viktor Sershun who spoke in detail about the operational characteristics of the power plant, focusing on the fact that enormous changes had taken place since 1 January 2007, in compliance with the JSC RusHydro strategy, when the Novosibirskaya HPP became part of the Company. Sershun stressed that by 2010, RusHydro would spent 1.8 billion rubles on the HPP’s rehabilitation, replacement and technical upgrading. The effort of outdated equipment replacement has been underway since 2007. Agreements have been concluded for equipment rehabilitation, replacement and design, and the exteriors of the HPP buildings are being restored. The representatives of the institutional funds heard all the information with interest, including about environmental policy and implementation of nature-conservation measures. The visit to the facility allowed the guests to familiarize themselves with the hydropower potential of Western Siberia. Many of the 18 visitors were seeing an HPP for the first time and were greatly impressed by the might and power of the water gushing from the turbogenerator unit, the hum and vibration from the HPP’s operating equipment.

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