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"Institute Hydroproject" expands cooperation with Syria

The JSC "Institute Hydroproject" (part of "RusHydro" Group) and the Syrian Consulting Company  "Arab Quality Makers"  (AQM) have signed an agreement on joint participation in the design of a large-scale irrigation complex on the Tigris River in Syria. The customers are the Ministry of Irrigation and a private Syrian company HESCO Engineering & Construction Co.


The irrigation complex in the province Al-Hasaka is intended for irrigation of agricultural areas and it is a strategically important object for the development of the Syrian economy. The complex will include water intake facilities with the total capacity of 110 m3/s, the lower pool (maximum water level mark is 370 m, minimum one is  352.8 m), five penstocks with a diameter about 3 m and length of 300 m. Water for irrigation will be supplied to the upper reception pool to height of 110 m.


The building of a pump station will consist of 20 pumping units with total capacity of 111 m3/s and with the pressure of 115 m. Besides that the complex will be equipped with an irrigation dam and a set of protective impervious structures. This agreement on joint participation was a consequential continuation of the cooperation of the "Institute Hydroproject" and the company AQM. In 2004, "Hydroproject" and AQM signed the Memorandum of Understanding that defines the basic principles of cooperation in power engineering, including the basic conditions of the joint strategy in the Middle East Market.


"The "Institute Hydroproject" became the first foreign organization engaged in mega-projects in the Arab world", said Hassan Humwi, CEO of AQM. - "Hydroproject" is the best known and distinguished foreign company in Syria, and we are eager to participate in joint development of hydropower projects in Sudan, Iraq and other Middle East countries. We have big plans for joint collaboration."


In 70 - 90s of the last century the cooperation of Syria with Russian designers was increasing. On the Syrian Arab Republic territory the Euphrates HPP, Tishrin HPP, Al-Bass hydro unit  and other large energy facilities were built upon the projects of the Institute.


"Thanks to the reforms of the national government, the local organizations got the opportunity to work with foreign companies. This will give an additional impact to the Syrian economy", General Director of the JSC "Institute Hydroproject" Paul Shestopalov said. - Today we are ready to intensify cooperation with Syria."

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