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The Period of Placement of the JSC RusHydro Additional Share Issue has begun

In accordance with the provisions of the Decision on JSC RusHydro's additional share issue (registered by the Russian Federation Federal Service for Financial Markets on November 19th, 2009) the date for beginning the additional share issue placement is the 15th day following the publication of the announcement on the state registration of the additional issue in the "Vedomosti" newspaper.


Since the announcement was published in "Vedomosti" on November 27th, 2009, the date for beginning the placement is December 12th, 2009.


In full accordance with the Russian Federal Law "On joint stock companies," RusHydro's shareholders are entitled to exercise their pre-emptive rights in regards to the Company's additional shares in direct proportion to each shareholder's share of RusHydro's charter capital (independent of their participation (or not) in the Company's AGM which was held on June 10th, 2009 and regardless of whether or not the shareholder voted for or against the charter capital increase).


The validity period for exercising pre-emptive rights, which was established by the Decision on the additional share issue, is 210 days and is counted from the date (December 3rd , 2009) that the announcement on pre-emptive rights was published in "Vedomosti", as well as on the corporate web-site.


Based on a decision by RusHydro's Board of Directors, the placement price for each additional share is 1 ruble and 15 kopeks, including for shareholders that are entitled to pre-emptive rights in regards to the Company.


The overall volume of the issue (Russian state registration number: 1-01-55038-Е-038D, November 19th, 2009) is 19 billion common shares with a par value of 1 ruble per share.


The Decision on the Company's additional share issue and the issue prospectus, as well as the announcement on pre-emptive rights, are available on RusHydro's website.

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