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Public hearings have been held on the preliminary draft of the Environmental Impact Assessment materials for the Motyginskaya HPP

On 18 September 2009, public hearings were held on the preliminary draft of the Environmental Impact Assessment materials for the Motyginskaya HPP in the village of Boguchany and on 21 September 2009 in the village of Motygino.  The Minutes of the public hearings in Boguchany and Motygino have been signed.


The preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment materials for the Motyginskaya HPP are publicly accessible at community liaison office in Krasnoyarsk, the Boguchanskiy and Motyginskiy districts, and on the JSC RusHydro website (detailed information at http://www.rushydro.ru/company/invest/investprojects/5598.html).  Collection of objections and proposals from the public will continue for a month from the time the public hearings were held.  On the basis of the objections, proposals and recommendations fixed in the Minutes, as well as objections received at the Company’s official address, working up will be launched of the preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment materials.

Let us recall that it was previously planned to hold the public hearings in April 2009.  The actual weather conditions made travel difficult to and from the villages where the hearings were to be held.  For this reason, in order to ensure that all interested persons might attend and participate in the public hearings it was decided, on agreement with the local government authorities, to defer the hearings until September.

36 people attended the hearings in Motygino and 68 in Boguchany.  During the hearings, which lasted several hours, the local population and public organisations heard reports from the authors of the Environmental Impact Assessment materials: JSC Lengidroproject and Geola LLC.  Questions from the residents of both districts dealt with the water supply, restoration of fisheries, details of population relocation, and so on.  Full answers were given to all the questions and the Minutes registered a request for a better transport scheme (construction of roads and bridges across the Angara), a proposal that work to shore up the banks be specified in more details, and so on.


Construction of the Motyginskaya HPP will make it possible to meet the energy demand of Nizhniy Priangariye investment projects in the Motyginskiy and Boguchanskiy districts.  The Environmental Impact Assessment materials consider variants for construction of the Motyginskaya HPP with a normal water level of 123-129 metres and an installed capacity of 830-1200 MW, producing an annual 6.22-8.05 billion kWh.  In assessing the impact of the Motyginskaya HPP, account was taken of design and forecast changes connected with the existence of the Angarskiy Cascade of HPPs in general and the prospective start-up of the Boguchanskaya HPP in particular.  These processes were taken into consideration, above all, in the chapters relating to assessment of the impact on surface water bodies (hydraulic, hydro-chemical and ice and thermal regimes), and accident situations.  In addition, the Environmental Impact Assessment materials include a chapter entitled "Aggregate impact of the cascade of dams". 


In the event of a positive opinion on the part of the Chief State Expert Examination authority, about 2 years will be needed for the design and research works, it will take 5.5-6 years from launch of construction to start-up of the first stage (the first 2 hydro-units) and, by the end of year 8 of construction, it will be possible to bring the power station on line. 


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