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Over just 14 days, the assistance fund for victims of the accident has collected over 7.6 illion roubles in contributions

By 3 September, 2009, the assistance fund for victims, families of the deceased and missing as a consequence of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP had already received 7 623 270 roubles in voluntary contributions.  Over the two weeks since the programme "We are with you Sayano!" was set up, heads and personnel of electric power companies, as well as many other sympathetic people, have responded to JSC RusHydro’s call for support for the accident victims.  Contributions continue to flow in to the fund.


The management and personnel of JSC RusHydro are infinitely grateful for the support and assistance from all those who feel for people that find themselves in trouble.


The accident caused the deaths of dozens of employees of JSC RusHydro, JSC Sayano-Shushenskiy Gidroenergoremont, LLC Tekhnostroy, and OOPSK Avangard S.  On 20 August, 2009, JSC RusHydro opened the charity programme "We are with you Sayano!" and began collecting contributions into the "Sozidaniye" fund, with which JSC RusHydro has long been a partner.  The funds collected will be used to support the families of the deceased, pay for treatment and rehabilitation of the victims.


Any individual or organisation can make its own contributions in support of the victims and the families of those who gave their lives in the accident.


Details for making contributions:


Non-commercial Organisation Charity Fund "Sozidaniye"

Settlement account No.: 40703810300000080888
LLC Barclays Bank, Moscow

Correspondent account No.: 30101810900000000460
OKPO 57012709

Purpose of payment: Charity contributions to the programme "We are with you Sayano!"


In addition, JSC RusHydro is continuing to make lump-sum payments to victims and the families of the deceased and missing.

On the initiative of JSC RusHydro, the Government of Khakassia,  residents, victims of the accident and relatives of the dead, a special Public Committee has been set up to handle provision of social assistance to victims of the accident, the families of the deceased and missing, as well as residents of the village of Cheryomushki.


To support the Public Committee, JSC RusHydro has set up a Social Support Centre consisting of the directors of the company’s subsidiaries, lawyers, economists and other leading experts.  The Centre provides advice and renders assistance to the families of the deceased, injured employees and the people of the village of Cheryomushki on a variety of issues, including compiling the documents required for receiving payments, providing housing, paying off bank loans and mortgages, as well as providing treatment and psychological assistance.  The JSC RusHydro Social Support Centre is operating within the Sayano-Shushenskiy subsidiary of the Siberian Federal Institute at Cheryomushki, 15.  24-hour Hot Line number: (39042) 3-26-87.



The Sozidaniye Charity Fund was established on 3 April, 2001 and provides charitable and social support for socially vulnerable categories of Russian citizen.  The Fund’s basic principle is to assist anyone who asks for help.  The Fund is currently running 12 programmes for assisting children and adults in difficult circumstances.  All the aid goes for specific purposes and all payments are confirmed by documents and are kept under strict control.  All the Fund’s outlays are paid for by its founders and members of the trust council.

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