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Results of the exercise of pre-emptive rights in the course of an additional RusHydro share issue have been summarized

Pre-emptive rights were valid from May 19th, 2009 through July 2nd, 2009. During this period, RusHydro shareholders were able to submit applications to purchase additional shares in direct proportion to their stake in the Company's charter capital and pay for their additional shares. The list of shareholders entitled to participate in the pre-emptive rights issue was compiled as of October 2009 (which was the cut-off date for the shareholders list, for those who had the right to participate in the AGM which approved the charter capital increase).


As part of the exercise of the pre-emptive rights, RusHydro has placed 7.2 billion additional shares (or 45% of the size of the additional issue).


The Government of the Russian Federation has purchased additional shares worth RUR 4.923 billion,  thereby contributing to the Company's charter capital funds to finance RusHydro's investment program according to the Federal Law "On the Federal Budget for 2009 and for the planned period of 2010 and 2011."


The Company's minority shareholders have contributed RUR 2.277 billion as part of the pre-emptive rights implementation. 

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