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JSC RusHydro plans to launch a tier one ADR programme

JSC RusHydro’s Depositary Bank The Bank of New York Mellon has submitted the documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for launching a programme of first tier American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) for JSC RusHydro shares.  The plan is for the programme to be launched in the middle of August.

The ADRs issued within the scope of the given programme will be traded on the US Over-The-Counter market.  The ADR programme will open up access to JSC RusHydro shares for a wide range of investors.  Together with the Depositary Bank, JSC RusHydro plans to continue implementing investor contact measures for increasing the liquidity of JSC RusHydro securities.

Currently, another two programmes of Global Depositary Receipts for JSC RusHydro shares are open (in accordance with Rule 144А and Regulation S), the aggregate volume of the programme amounting at the moment to about 5.6% of the authorised equity capital.  The maximum volume of a depositary receipt programme permitted by the Russian regulatory authorities is 14.7% of the current authorised equity capital (375 million receipts).

Certain announcements made in this press release may contain forecasts in relation to JSC RusHydro.  The given announcements containing a forecast of future events are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that might cause the actual results to differ from those indicated in the given press releaseе.  JSC RusHydro bears not obligation to disclose such changes to the given release publicly for the purpose of reflecting events or circumstances that take place after the date of the given press release or for the purpose of indicating any unforeseen circumstances that might occur. 

This press release does not constitute an offer of sale of securities on behalf of JSC RusHydro or any other person in any jurisdiction where such an offer might be considered unlawful.  The securities may not be offered for sale or be sold in the USA without registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission or in accordance with exceptions from the rules on registration.

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