The Strategic Plan till 2015 and future development till 2020, as approved by the Company’s Board of Directors in 2010, outlines a wide range of strategic areas for corporate development.

Strategic Aims:

 - To upgrade energy efficiency by developing sustainable energy including RES;

 - To ensure the reliable and safe performance of the Company’s facilities;

 - To increase the Company’s value.

The Company boasts unique advantages that leave it wellpositioned to strengthen its growth and enhance its role both domestically and abroad:

 - Clean power generation: the renewable nature and environmental friendliness of sources used in production;

 - Energy efficient production: hydro-power guarantees the reduced dependence of Russian electricity costs on organic fuel, as this power generation has no fuel component;

 - Basis for system reliability: HPPs perform systemforming functions, alongside functions of immediate (highly maneuverable capacities) and strategic reserves for power production and the guaranteed reliable performance of the unified energy system (HPPs with long-term storage reservoirs);

 - Driver of renewable energy innovation: a priority focus on technical upgrades, which promote R&D and the practical implementation of new power generation technologies utilizing RES;

 - State-of-the-art management with extensive experience in creating and managing hydro-power assets, including the foreign markets.

The Company will make a difference in:

 - A multi-focused engineering complex capable of driving highly effective competitive RES development, both in Russia and abroad;

 - An established retail business that ensures high quality service and undisrupted consumer supply;

 - Equipment and supply manufacturers within the Company, alongside major energy-intensive consumers;

 - A balanced business portfolio that builds the Company’s maximum value;

 - Fast rates for introducing innovations – across technical and technological solutions, as well as management systems.

The Company is the State’s key agent in implementing hydro-power development projects in accordance with Russia’s Energy Strategy for the Period till 2030 and is also a consolidation platform for the Russian hydro-power industry. 

icon JSC RusHydro: Strategic Plan for the period till 2015 and towards 2020