Development Strategy of RusHydro Group through 2020 with an outlook for 2025 was approved by the Board of Directors of PJSC RusHydro on June 6, 2016 (Minutes # 238).

The Company's focus is on efficient use of hydro resources, ensuring reliability of the Unified Energy System of Russia, as well as creating conditions for social and economic development of the Far Eastern regions through availability of energy infrastructure for consumers. The new Strategy encompasses goals and development directions for the entire RusHydro Group, including its Far Eastern assets. 

The guiding principles of the new strategy are safe operation of the facilities, growth of the company’s value and sustainable return on investments for shareholders. The Group aims to maximize its free cash flow to ensure financial stability and independence from external funding, improving the efficiency of the activities.  

The Group is paying significant attention to employing and retaining the most qualified personnel, as well as to systematic development of employees’ competences. 

The new strategy fully responds to external challenges faced by RusHydro and enables internal resource mobilization.

icon Development strategy of RusHydro Group for the period until 2020 with an outlook for 2025
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