Trust line

Auto answer telephone +7 (495) 785 09 37

To ensure continuous feedback for the Company’s employees and counterparties directly with the Company’s management regarding prevention and counteraction of illegal actions, RusHydro has established a 24/7 Trust Line that includes various special communication channels.

The Company’s Trust Line is operated by the Company’s Internal Control and Risk Management Unit, responsible for processing calls in strict confidence as per RusHydro internal documents.

Please note that this address is only intended for letters pertaining to RusHydro activities.
Letters with offers of services, employment or other messages not immediately falling within the scope of the Company’s activities will not be considered or forwarded to other RusHydro units.

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RusHydro Public Reception Operation Rules


1.1. The Trust Line is established within the scope of the Program of Measures for Identifying and Preventing Fraud and Unlawful Actions of the Company’s Employees and Counterparties.

1.2. The Trust Line operating rules (hereinafter the “Rules”) are intended to regulate acceptance, handling, taking of appropriate measures (as may be necessary) with respect to, and preparing responses to calls from Callers.

1.3. Director for Internal Control and Risk Management guarantees the confidentiality of information contained in calls.

1.4. Callers have the right to receive responses to their calls within the time limits established by the Company’s local regulatory documents (regulations), provided the calls are properly prepared and sent as per these Rules, save for anonymous calls.

1.5. Calls prepared and sent in violation of these Rules or provided anonymously are handled at the discretion of the Director for Internal Control and Risk Management.

1.6. If the issue addressed in a call cannot be substantively responded to without disclosing state secrets or the Company’s commercial secrets, the Caller sending such call may be informed that the issue in question cannot be responded as the indicated information may not be disclosed.


2.1. Calls are accepted both using a special feedback form on the Company’s website andcorporate portal Trust Line, by e-mail, auto answerphone, as well as immediately by the Director for Internal Control and Risk Management in the course of a personal meeting.

Calls may be sent in any form convenient to the Caller, however to speed up their processing and handling, it is recommended that calls include the following information:
– A brief description of the call subject matter (information, facts, circumstances, possible reasons, full name and title of involved persons, consequences, including potential (estimated) material damage for the Company, recommendations, etc.).
– The Company’s scope of activities in which the violation was committed (procurement, HR management, etc.).
– The name of the Company’s unit in which the violation was committed.
– The period of time during which the violation took/is taking or might take place, and frequency (repeatedly, once).
– Full name and details to contact the caller to specify the information contained in the call and to send the response after the call is processed (at the discretion of the Caller).

2.3. Calls may be sent by e-mail to: (from any mail box from an external Internet segment).

2.4. Calls may be sent using a special feedback form at the Company’s website/corporate portal, for which please log on to the special Trust Line page on the Company’s corporate portal at or at the Company’s website at, follow the Trust Line link and fill in the special feedback form.

2.5. Calls may be made by auto answerphone. Please call +7(495) 710-5463 (round-the-clock), wait for the signal and leave a voice message.

2.6. Calls may also be made at a personal meeting with the Director for Internal Control and Risk Management (hereinafter the “meeting”).

2.6.1. An application for the meeting may be sent via the communication channels indicated in clauses 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 hereof or through the personal assistant by 7 (495) 225-3232 ext. 16-51.

2.6.2. The application shall include the subject matter of the call, contact details and preferable time and place of the meeting.

2.7. The procedure for handling and preparing responses to Trust Company’s local regulatory document (regulation).


3.1. It is prohibited to use the Trust Line to:
– Distribute deliberately misleading information that discredits the honor and dignity of the Company’s employees or their family members.
– Abuse or threaten life, health or property of the Company’s employees or their family members.
– Support unfair competition.
– Pursue hooligan motives.
– Pursue any other illegal goals or goals contravening public order or morals.
– Distribute any advertising information or send information not directly relating to the Company’s activity.

Your application has been accepted. The answer will be prepared and sent within 20 calendar days. ok